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Kill Germs Naturally with Euky Bear Baby Nursery Cleaner

I think with kids in the house all the time these days, moms do a lot of cleaning. So, I felt excited to try a new Euky Bear product, the Euky Bear Baby Nursery Cleaner.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I love Euky Bear products. In fact, I have reviewed several items such as Euky Bear Sniffly Nose Room Spray, Euky Bear Chest Rub and Euky Bear Sleepy Time Massage Balm and Room Mist.

Euky Bear Baby Nursery Cleaner

Well, we’ve been using this Australian-made cleanser for a few days now. And here are three things we love about it.

It’s a multipurpose cleaner

You can use this cleanser for baby high chairs, change tables, toys, and potty chairs. Since my daughter’s not a baby anymore, we use it to sanitize her toys, potty seat, and my yoga mat. We actually started homeschooling so I use it to sanitize stuff in our classroom too. 

I love that it’s a spray cleanser which makes it more cost-effective. 

Euky Bear Baby Nursery Cleanser has natural eucalyptus oil. A 2012 study showed that Eucalyptus essential oil was effective against E. coli and S. aureus bacteria. This essential oil has also been reported to have anti-fungal properties. 

It can remove tough stains

I was able to remove grease, poster paint, food stains, and sticky residue on surfaces. I was really impressed by this nursery cleaner. 

Euky Bear Baby Nursery Cleaner

It has no harsh chemicals

Amazingly,  this powerful cleanser doesn’t have harsh ingredients such as ammonia, bleach, phosphates, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and dyes.

How to Use Euky Bear Baby Nursery Cleaner

For general cleaning, simply spray and wipe with a damp cloth.  Now, for more intense germ-killing action, spray and leave on the surface for eight (8) minutes before wiping with a damp cloth.

For hard-to-remove stains, spray directly onto the stain for one (1) minute then rub with a damp cloth.

Where to Buy Euky Bear Baby Nursery Cleaner

By the way, you can buy this product from Koofty Enterprise’s online store on Lazada.

Have you tried any Euky Bear products?

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  1. Roxane Montierro says:

    My daughter is growing so fast and she is not a baby anymore. But, one thing doesn’t change – our loyalty to Euky Bear. We were using Euky Bearub since she was a baby up until now whenever she had an insect bites and under the weather.

    Learning that Euky Bear has a BABY NURSERY CLEANER, it made me excited to use it. Though there are no baby toys anymore to clean, there are still lot of stuff to ensure to be germ and bacteria, free. Like you @Mommy n More, my daughter is now attending her blended-flexible schooling and cleaning her learning area is one of my priorities everyday. I want my family especially my daughter to be in tip top shape all the time and one thing to do it is by shooing away germs and bacteria in every inch, nook, and corners of our home.

    This EUKY BEAR BABY NURSERY CLEANER is the one that I can trust because it has a very effective ingredients to kill germs and bacteria and at the same time contains no harsh chemicals. I can be sure that my family’s health is not at stake and at the same time I am helping our mother earth in using environment-friendly products.

    I can’t wait to use EUKY BEAR BABY NURSERY CLEANER and let EUKY BEAR do the action!

  2. Anna Cyrile Oliveros says:

    Its a good thing Euky Bear has a Baby Nursery Cleaner that we moms can use all around that is safe for our little ones. I already tried their sniffly nose room spray and their sleepy time massage balm and my kids and i love its lavender and chamomile scent that easily puts my kids to sleep during bedtime. I am sure that Euky Bear’s Baby Nursery Cleaner will never fail to wow us moms just like their other first products.

  3. Riz Villaruel says:

    Thank you so much for introducing this multi purpose cleaner. Honestly, I haven’t tried it po. But I know very well that this is a home must have especially everybody wants to get rid of germs and bacteria that might harm our family.

    I am really so happy to learn that it can also remove nasty stains. Plus it is made with eucalyptus oil. Nakakaexcite matry po ito. Lalo, I’m an OC nanay. Gusto ko po malinis lahat ultimo sa kasuluk sulukan.

    Thanks for this review, Mommy n more.

    Stay safe po!

    FB: Riz Oliva – Villaruel
    IG: @momriz_letriz

  4. Riz Oliva - Villaruel @momriz_letriz says:

    Wow. This is super nice po especially that all of us are paranoid because of Covid – it might just be outside our home. The Euky Bear Baby Nursery Cleaner is perfect to kill those nasty germs and bacteria. Honestly, I haven’t Trier it po. But after learning that it is a multi purpose cleaner that can remove stains and kills germs plus made with eucaplyptus oil, I wanna try!
    Thanks for sharing your honest reviews po.
    Stay safe with Euky Bear!

    FB: Riz Oliva – Villaruel
    IG: @momriz_letriz

  5. Naku super need ko nito. Yung baby ko mahilig maghawak hawak at magsubo ng mga bagay bagay sa bahay. This is a safe disinfectant para sa gamit at toys ni baby. Ang galing ng product na ito!

  6. Wow! Need ko ito sa house namin. Ang dami kong dapat linisin like toys, tables, baby walker, remote at kung anek anek pa na gamit ni mga kids ko. Lalong lalo na ni bunso na mahilig magsubo ng kamay at ng mga bagay bagay. Alam naman natin na pinamumugaran ng mga germs ang mga gamit na madalas gamitin or hawakan kaya perfect talaga ito na panlinis! ☺

  7. Maganda to momsh especially to those parents na may babies and toddlers. Kids love to put anything in their mouth like toys kaya nakakapraning lang as a mom, dahil may mga germs na nakasiksik sa mga toys or gamit natin na madalas nasusubo or nahahawakan ng mga anak natin. At hindi lang sa stuffs pwede ng gamitin ito, pwedeng pwede rin sa mga lamesa, upuan or anything na madalas ginagamit ni baby. Ang galing.

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