The Soothing Benefits of Euky Bear Chest Rub + Giveaway

As a mom, I find it frustrating when my child gets insect bites. I try to clean as often as I could but somehow my daughter still has them. When she itches, she’d say “Mommy, gamot (medicine)” and I go looking for our usual ointment. But recently, I tried Euky Bearub on her bite and was happy when she felt relieved. She stopped scratching and continued to play. It’s also great that I didn’t observe any skin irritation after applying.
Euky Bearub: Eucalyptus Chest Rub
Euky bearub is a soothing rub that provides healing vapors which can help relieve the symptoms of colds: stuffy nose, cough, sore throat.  According to its website, it is suitable for kids aged 2 years old and up. You could apply it on your child’s chest, back, neck or feet. However, it shouldn’t be placed in the nostrils and ingested.Its main ingredients are eucalyptus oil, eucalyptol, camphor, menthol and rosemary oil.
I must admit I am partial to anything eucalyptus. So when I felt under the weather the other day, I used some Euky Bearub and it gave me instant relief. Sometimes, weather changes make my nose stuffy and my throat itchy so that cool mint-like  scent helped me breathe easier.
Euky Bearub For Muscle Aches and Pains
Aside from alleviating cold symptoms and minor itches, I discovered that it is also effective for muscle aches and pains. These past few days have been quite stressful so my shoulder and neck muscles were quite tense. I massaged some Euky Bearub and felt a bit more relaxed. It’s not as strong as most liniments I’ve tried but it’s as effective. I also appreciate that it doesn’t sting and isn’t greasy.
There are truly many things to love about the Euky Bearub:
It can help alleviate a number of symptoms: cough, sore throat, insect bites and muscle aches
When used at night, it can help you sleep better
It is made with natural ingredients
It comes in a handy tube
It is a trusted Australian brand for forty (40) years
It is available in stores and online : Cudsly, Mamaway, and Baby Mama
It is safe to use when pregnant or breastfeeding
Euky Bearub Giveaway
Here’s another thing I love, giveaways! Our generous friends at Koofty Enterprise, the local distributors of Euky Bearub will be giving out  a Euky Bear tube to  two (2) Mommy N’ More readers!
The mechanics are simple. Just 4 easy steps but you need to follow all to enter:
1.Like Mommy N’ More  and Euky Bear Philippines on Facebook.
2.Follow @mommy.n.more and @eukybearphilippines on Instagram
3.  Share this giveaway post using this as your Facebook status:
“I want my family to experience the gentle care of @Euky Bearub. Join @Mommy N’ More’s giveaway and let your little ones feel it too! @Friend1 @Friend2 @Friend3 @Euky Bear Philippines.  #mommynmorexeukybearph
Make sure your post is public. Tag Mommy N’ More, Euky Bear Philippines and three of your friends. Keep sharing this post.The more shares, the more chances of winning so share away!
Remember, there will be two (2) winners!
4Answer the question Which country is Euky Bearub made?” Hint: Starts with letter “A”.Comment your answer on my pinned Facebook post.
This giveaway will be from March 15 to April 15, 2017 and open to people residing in the Philippines. There will be two (2) winners for this giveaway. Koofty Enterprise will be giving 1 tube of Euky Bearub to each  winner.Winners will be determined by and will be announced on my Facebook page.The winners will need to contact Mommy N More page within 5 days for instructions in claiming their prize.Failure to contact me means another winner will be ramdomly drawn.
If you’ve tried Euky Bearub, I’d love to hear your feedback.
I hope you join! Good luck!
Euky Bear Philippines

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