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Since I became a mom, I became a  lot more conscious about the harmful chemicals found in many products. I choose paraben-free baby products and use DEET-free mosquito repellents.

Even when it comes to washing utensils, I make sure that they are gentle and non-toxic. I breastfed my little girlie for almost 3 years but there were times when I had to store breastmilk for future use.

This post is brought to you by Little Coos. All opinions are mine.

Little Coos Baby Dish And Bottle Cleaner 

So, I recently tried Little Coos Baby Dish and Bottle Cleaner, a local brand that’s environment-friendly. I think it’s awesome!


It doesn’t have harsh chemicals

Its cleaning power comes from baking soda, glycerin and plant-based substances. I don’t have to worry that we might get sick or poisoned. In fact, glycerin can even help soften the skin.

After washing, it doesn’t leave any residue or strong smell

I used it to wash my daughter’s sippy cup and some veggies.  I found that it was able to do the job! No chocolate or soapy smell!

It’s cost-effective

You can use it as it is but you could also dilute it. You just need to put 2 drops into 700 ml water.

I actually used this solution to wash the sippy cup and it was effective. Easy to rinse too!

Little Coos

It can be used to wash veggies and fruits

I like products that have two or more functions. I remember we bought an ottoman for our nursery that’s also used as storage for my daughter’s toys.

In this case, Little Coos Dish and Bottle Cleaner can also be used to get rid of anything that is not supposed to be eaten.

Have you heard of the recent reports that formalin were in fruits and vegetables? Really alarming, right?

♥ It is affordable!

Imagine, you could buy a  500ml container for less than P200! And you just need a few drops to wash baby bottles, breast pump parts,  spoons, sippy cups, fruits and veggies.

By the way, you can buy Little Coos Baby Dish and Bottle Cleaner from Baby Mama PH stores and Shopee!

Little Coos Baby Dish and Bottle Cleaner Giveaway!

Better yet, try it for FREE by winning this giveaway! Yes, our generous friends at Little Coos will be sponsoring a giveaway!

One lucky Mommy N’ More reader can win one (1) 500 ml Little Coos Baby Dish and Bottle Cleaner.

Just watch out for the giveaway on my Mommy N’ More’s Facebook page and Instagram!

Only residents of the Philippines 18 years old and above can join. 

In the mean time, check out Little Coos on their social media accounts!


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  1. Queenie Mance says:

    Gandin din pangregalo sa may mg babies ❤️

  2. WOw perfect ito sa baby ko mommy..Pa naman ang ang dami niyang feeding bottle huhuhu minsan joy nalang pinanghuhugas ko..

  3. Donna Ria Mahayag says:

    yes, magagamit ko to, malaking tulong to para hindi mag amoy sabon ang bottles ng pamangkin ko.

  4. Jonna Cielo says:

    Yay! Perfect for my princess ayaw nya nung parang ganyan nya sana ito matry nya baka magustuhan nya..

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