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My Daughter’s Hello Kitty Inspired DIY Party

It’s been a few months since my toddler daughter celebrated her birthday. At that time, she really loved Hello Kitty so we decided to have it as the theme. Actually, her Halloween costume last year was Hello Kitty. I even made her a Mad Hatter Hello Kitty Hat.

I really enjoy making DIY parties. I shared a couple of them in previous posts, an owl-themed birthday and a hot wheels themed birthday.

I  thought I’d share  some of the inspiration and ideas we used to make this party  just “purrrrrfect!”

Let’s start with the decor!

I made several paper accordion flowers from gift wrapping paper.  Thankfully , I had some leftover from her previous birthday.They are so adorable and simple to make. For the center, I used Hello Kitty cup cake toppers . I also fashioned a few pink crepe paper pompoms. I think they add a bit of pretty to the ambiance, don’t you think so?

Hello Kitty Inspired birthday dessert table

I also made Hello Kitty banners but I wasn’t able to take good pictures of that. But I’ll include it in the DIY resource list below, in case you’re planning a Hello Kitty party too!

Being a slightly frugal mommy, I chose to use what was available. Since my daughter loved Hello Kitty so much, I used some of her stuff toys and cups to make the dessert table pop.

For the food, we had spaghetti, chicken, ice cream and hotdogs! We got creative ( or should I say retro) with the hotdogs! Who remembers having this as a table centerpiece? I do! This is so 80s! Looking at it makes me nostalgic.

Hello Kitty and Hotdogs in a cabbage

On to the cake! This fun pink Hello Kitty cake was made by our favorite Wednesday’s Bakery. I am a big fan of chocolate and so is everybody in our family.

It was a simple yet fun-filled party with our family and close friends. It’s wonderful to see our little one enjoy with her friends. I think I’ll never go tired making DIY parties like this. I wonder what next year’s theme would be? She’s into Sophia the first these days. We’ll see.


Want to do it yourself too? Checkout our resource list:

Paper Accordion Flowers by Craft Patch Blog

Hello Kitty Printables and Banner by Just Love Design

Pink Pompoms by Hey Let’s Make Stuff

If you had a Hello Kitty party too, would love to know all about it! Til our next DIY party!

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  1. So cute! I love this theme and that it’s just DIY.

    1. Madz | Mommy N' More says:

      Thank you! It’s something a lot of kids and adults really like!

  2. Your daughter must be very ecstatic and her guesta too i could imagine! Hello kitty is such a nice theme for a girl’s birthday party. I am actually thinking of throwing one for my niece. Glad you left some important tips and details!!!!

    1. Madz | Mommy N' More says:

      Yes everybody appreciated the work and cuteness! Yes, happy to share!

  3. Clarice says:

    I love DIY Parties and have been encouraging people to do so by opening a party supplies shop and a DIY party needs rental here in Bacolod.

    Hello Kitty themed parties are one of my favorites due to the availability of HK candies and treats. Looking forward to your next year’s theme.

  4. this is really cute and I imagine the fun of preparing the theme of this party.. love doing DIY crafts so this is absolutely a great idea.. unfortunately, my brother is already a grown up so he will no longer appreciate such themed party but I am excited to try this one for my niece haha

  5. Super creative, I’m also planning to have one since my daughter’s birthday is approaching, this is a great help.

  6. Louisa says:

    DIY parties are always the best! I love making the decor. What’s great about it is kids appreciate the effort! I just did a Minecraft set up for my son and he doesn’t want to ever take it down!

  7. Meldy Natividad says:

    Yieeee! So helpful Po… Gusto din Ng anak ko Ng hello Kitty themed party…

    1. Madz | Mommy N' More says:

      Glad to help.Nakakatuwa talaga si Hello Kitty !

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