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Look Whoo’s 1 Series: DIY Inspiration and Projects

Whooo had an awesome birthday? My daughter!
Yes, we had a real hoot at my daughter’s owl-themed first birthday.
So, I’m sharing some awesome DIY party ideas for you!

Owl Party Decor 

Let’s start with the ambiance. My father in law suggested that we hang a lot of balloons above the party area.
It looks fun and preppy, doesn’t it?


Now let’s take a look at the stage. We had planned an elaborate backdrop consisting of gold circles, pompoms, banners, and ropes.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints and miscommunication, we weren’t able to execute our stage look well. Nevertheless,  everything was a labor of love.

To make the stage lively, we dressed it up with banners and lanterns.

Owl Party Dessert Table

For the cake area, some of the lanterns were made into owls. The dessert bar on the left  has an assortment of candies and baked goodies. The “1” standee on the right was made using cardboard and scrap fabric.


As the centerpiece for the dessert table, Mishi thought of having a cake with a crocheted owl topper.
Remember, the amigurumi owl I made? She embellished her tiara with pretty little gems. Hoot hoot!

We also got FREE printables ( I must confess, I’m getting addicted to these). The birthday banner was from How to nest for less.

On the other hand, the cupcake toppers were from One Charming Day. As for her lovely owl princess cake and sweet pastries, I’ll focus on them and  the other party suppliers in my next post.

For the guest tables, we had three setups. 

We weren’t able to take great pictures of the table settings so here are the mockups instead.


To keep up with the theme, we also wore clothes with owls. My friend Mishi made this  boutonniere for my husband. It looks exquisite, doesn’t it? 

Needless to say, we OWL had a great time putting it all together for our little girl.

Which idea will you try for your next party?

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  1. I think cool rin ang owl party for boys! Pinterest has a lot of free printables! I hope you have a homemade party too! Exciting!

  2. Thank you! I think so too.I think next year I'll have another diy but low key haha.Yes, you should definitely have a Diy party even just once!

  3. Thank you so much! Owls are really cute!

  4. Thank you! Yeah, I'm happy we got a lot of good pictures to show her!

  5. Wow this party looks amazing! It looks so professional and didn't feel like a DIY at all!

  6. Excellent decor and styling! The owl theme is very cute!

  7. All I can say is congratulations, a job well done! Planning a DIY party indeed takes a lot of effort and creativity. My son will be turning 7 years old this coming September, the owl themed party looks nice but I don't think my son would like it he prefers action characters haha but this owl themed will be perfect for my daughters. thanks for sharing!

  8. OWLS! You know, I am filled with so much joy as I read through your post. Because I love owls! Hihi. When I have a daughter na, I also plan on setting up an owl-themed party for her on her birthday. Anyway, thank you for sharing your daughter's birthday party to us. I can see how you poured and exerted much love and effort for your little one's party. 🙂

  9. What a cute Owl Themed party! Belated Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  10. I love everything that is DIY! An owl party? So cute talaga! Congrats mommy mads for a job well done! Pwede kaya ang owl theme sa boys? He He He

  11. Oh my this is so cute! I love owls actually and this make me want to gate crash in your party. LOL! So nice really. I also like the colors and all. I once made an owl clock for my daughter in school 🙂

  12. I just have to say that I looooove your DIY party! Grabe any galing! Truly a labor of love! Hats-off!

  13. Pwede manggaya? My boy will be turning one this August though I'm having second thoughts re party pa. I would love us to go out, hotel overnight or resort perhaps, but my husband and mom nag that we have a party.

  14. Awww.. Amazing party! I had DIY party myself. It is really energy draining but amidst all the tiredness, you get rewarded by the compliments you get from your guests. Great blog you have here.

  15. I never thought that owls will look great in a kiddie party- wow! What an effort and creativity you just exhibited here in executing such whimsical idea. I wonder what will be the next theme for your daughter.-macy

  16. I love owls since I first read Harry Potter, a decade ago! I love them so so much! And it's also such a cute animal, isn't it??

  17. Oh , how sweet ! And yes , your gorgeous little girl is a little princess , so so cute <3 I am sharing this lovely post on my FB page , my friends need to see this . They will be grateful for your inspiring ideas . Lovely all together , you are very talented and creative !

  18. Congratulations for a job well done, mommy! Your labor of love did pay off. Your daughter's owl-themed was a wonderful!

  19. You are amazing! I could not pull off a party with so many decorations that you did yourself. This would be a perfect party for a child. I also really loved the idea of the birthday party with a garland of pictures from the year. What a great way to honor the birthday girl! Great job!

  20. You're right, parents will do silly things, because we love our kid. I love the concept and the fact that you have family and friends that translated the idea into reality.

  21. Your owl-themed party looks amazing! Well, I've heard about Etc hand-made goodness and they're really awesome with their crafts. And I could totally relate with you on your statement, "Yes, there were a few times I asked myself "why did I choose to do things by hand when it'll only last for only a few hours?" There were also stressful times during the party planning and party itself." I made sort of a DIY party just recently with my 24th birthday and my best friends helped out with the decor. I think aside from making it for the birthday celebrant, we are doing it for our guests to enjoy the ambiance and to make it unforgettable for them too. Of course, when we host parties, we want give our best. I hope we'll have a big front yard like yours, so I won't have to rent a venue.

  22. I've never seen an owl-themed party before so looking at the decoration of your kid's party was interesting to me. I like the little details, everything is so cute!

  23. I love the vibrant and lively colors! You did a very great job. When I become a mother myself, I'd like to try throwing of such kind of party and to do it myself, too! It's an experience worth keeping despite the stress. Nice party!

  24. When I started reading this post, I was thinking… an owl? I have to admit, seeing the decorations, those owls look so cute! It's the eyes! Anyway, congratulations on your baby's 1st birthday. The atmosphere and doing it at home makes it more personal. I am sure after the party, there were a lot of cleaning up to do, but the experience and shared joy with people who matters more than makes up for it.

  25. This looks so beautiful! Moms who create these handmade parties make me feel like a bit of a failure lol! I only use things I buy at party supply stores lol! But you did a great job and when she gets older I'm sure she will love to see photos of this awesome party you threw for her!

  26. The owl-themed party looks great! That must've taken so much effort in your part. It's rare for mommies nowadays to do the decorations themselves, I'm glad you have the time. Don't worry if your baby wouldn't be able to remember it, the first birthday is always a grand celebration and anyways you can always show her pictures when she's older. 🙂

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