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DIY Party Inspiration: Hot Wheels Inspired 1st birthday!

Last Saturday, my friend’s son had his first birthday at a popular pizza place. We were excited about it because he is my godson and we were part of the party planning process. We  all put the pedal to the metal and pulled out all the stops to make the party a success!
I’d like to share the DIY elements of the party which was conceptualized by my kumares (what we call the mothers of our godchildren).Primarily, the hotwheels theme was put together by Mishi of etc handmade goodness.
Let’s start with the ambiance. For most of the guest tables, they made cute centerpieces from small colorful pails with sticks in decorative straws and interesting pictures. Some candies were also placed to make them more attractive.The stands were supported by Styrofoam. The kids were amused! The great thing is you can do this with any theme you like! Just imagine the possibilities!
Some guest tables had centerpieces that were studded with lots of lollipops! Sweet! 
For the program area, it was decked out with things such as tires and early warning devices. The birthday poster was made by Kaguima Print.
My husband also re purposed  the “1” standee from my daughter’s ow party to keep up with the theme.
Now, here’s the most anticipated part: the dessert table! 
So, let’s have a closer look, shall we? At the center we have a lollipop topiary. It took about 500 lollipops, a few trips to the grocery and several hours to embellish it. Cement was even used in the pot to make sure it was stable. But I think, all the effort was worth it. It looks awesome plus the kids and well, the adults too had fun picking out the lollies!
The delicious baked goodies were from Cakes and Bakes. I love contrast of orange and blue.The  toy cars were added by Mishi as accents  though one would think they’re part of the cake design.


The color scheme was carried over to cupcakes as well.We got these free hot wheels cupcake topper printables from Over the Big Moon. They look so cool, don’t they?!
I think everything was pulled together nicely with the bright colors.It was a ruggedly youthful party. 

There were glitches here and there but we made it work.Here’s my friend Mishi making some last minute touches on the table.
 By the way here are some snapshots from the party:

I hope you find some great ideas here for your next diy party!

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  1. Everything looks great! It’s so nice to know that all the godparents got in on making the party a success. Happy birthday to the little man xo

  2. Super lapit na ng birthday! Excited na rin ako! Thanks for appreciating!

  3. Wow. Makes me excited for my Yaels bday. Went to all about baking at congressional this afternoon to check on some cupcake toppers. Saw so many nice ideas. Ganda ng lollilop ideas and the number one is super!

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