Organic and Preservative-Free Oral Care with Buds® Baby Organics Children’s Toothpaste!

My little girlie loves brushing time! We actually do it together in the bathroom. We have a couple of songs for brushing time. My fave would probably be the classic “ This is the way we brush our teeth ,brush our teeth, brush our teeth so early in the morning

When she was a lot younger, maybe less than a year old, I didn’t let her use fluoridated toothpaste since I was afraid she might swallow the toothpaste. I wasn’t very particular because she didn’t eat sweets and was still breastfeeding.  I also read that too much ingested fluoride can lead to dental fluorosis which can discolor teeth, and in severe cases, damage them. It turns out, fluoride is recommended at an early age

Age-Specific Fluoride Recommendations

According to the Philippine Pediatric Society Inc, it is safe for young children (6 months-3 years old) to use a smear of toothpaste that has 1000 ppm (parts per million). For three to six year olds — 1000 ppm (pea-size) and for six years and above — 1350-1500 ppm (10-20 mm)

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Buds® Baby Organics  Children’s Toothpaste  (3-12)

I was recently introduced to Buds® Baby Organics,  a  Malaysian brand of organic personal care products for babies, toddlers and children that include a line of shampoos, skincare lotions, organic oils and toothpaste gels. Buds Organics also has mommy products like breast massage oil, nursing salve and soothing belly cream. These products are all certified organic by ECOCERT in France, a recognized certification body  with strict standards for natural and organic products.

Last week, my little girlie got to try their Buds® Baby Organics Children’s Toothpaste (3-12 y/o) in green apple. She was really excited to try because of the colorful packaging.She insisted that the figure on the box wasn’t a monster but a lizard. She actually wanted to brush him too!


Here’s what we love about it:


  • It is preservative free so no nasty stuff for your little one
  • It is made with natural and plant-derived ingredients.
  • The special grade of active flouride it contains has been clinically proven to fight against tooth decay
  • It uses essential oils instead of harsh chemicals

The apple flavor is great! My little girlie seems to like tasting it.

When it comes to brushing, if your little one is  used to a lot of foam when brushing or the white color of his or her toothpaste, then this product needs a bit of getting used to. It doesn’t make a lot of foam and it’s clear and gel-like.

But, I read that the foam from toothpaste is usually from SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), which maybe irritating in prolonged contact. So having not much foam is actually a good thing. This product would be a great choice especially if your little one loves to swallow a lot of toothpaste.

Buds® Baby Organics  Children’s Toothpaste also comes in other flavors: Black currant, Strawberry and Peppermint.

Aside from their children’s toothpaste, Buds® Organics also has Oral Gel for Baby Teeth for kids less than a year old and  Children’s toothpaste with Xylitol.

Where to Buy

You can get Buds® Baby Organics  Children’s Toothpaste from  Lazada or the Buds® Baby Organics website.

Here’s to happy brushing!

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