Kris Aquino and Fucidin® urge Moms to Fight Against Wound Infection

As a toddler mom and health professional, I am particular about wound care. I have to because scratches and cuts are inevitable part of toddler hood. For instance,when my daughter has insect bites, she loves scratching them.
As a result, she’d have these small scratches on her legs or arms. I’d immediately put ointment on them and make sure they don’t get infected. Sometimes, she’d have a cut out of nowhere so I’d wash it and apply ointment consequently.
Appropriate wound care is such an important topic for moms like me. Fortunately, I was recently invited to an intimate event that focused on appropriate wound care and the prevention of wound infection.


This forum entitled “ Moms Unite Against Wound Infection”   was held at the grand Ascott Hotel in Bonifacio Global City. It is a campaign led by Fucidin®, an established brand of topical antibiotic and hosted by its celebrity endorser Kris Aquino.
During the event, a panel composed of mommies and experts shared their knowledge and experiences related to wound care. Among the panelists were  Frances Sales, a writer and mom of three, Dr. Empress Eliza C. Carlos-Villapando, a pediatrician and diplomate of the Philippine Pediatric Society, and Gitte Pugholm Aabo is the CEO and President of LEO Pharma – a global pharmaceutical company specialized in dermatology and the makers of Fucidin®.
Each panelist shared personal and professional input on how they address wounds. 
Writer Frances Sales shared her personal horror story about a pedicure gone wrong. (L-R) Frances Sales, Dr. Empress C. Carlos-Villapando, LEOPHARMA CEO Gitte Pugholm Aabo and  host Kris Aquino.
Frances shared  a personal story on how an ordinary pedicure resulted to cellulitis after the nipper wound was only cleansed with alcohol and merthiolate. Dr. Empress, on the other hand, debunked myths of using garlic on superficial wounds.  
The CEO of LEO Pharma, Gitte, shared the initiatives the company is taking to strengthen their campaign against wound infection. She elaborated that they are working in pharmacies and schools to spread awareness about various skin conditions and their treatment.
There was also an open forum wherein the audience asked relevant questions regarding the topic.


I learned a few things that I think every mom should know about wounds and Fucidin®:
  • You should wash the wound with soap and water. Alcohol is not enough.
  • MCDO is the keyword. For moist wounds, use cream while apply ointment to dry wounds.
  • Typically, you apply Fucidin®  twice (2x) daily for 5 to 7 days
  • Fucidin® is safe for pregnant women and children as young as newborns.
  • Keep Fucidin in a dry space at 25 C.
  • For puncture wounds such as those from thumb tacks, you need consult your doctor for tetanus shots.
  • If signs of infection persist (e.g. severe pain and redness in the area ) you need to consult your doctor.
Overall, I enjoyed the interesting afternoon filled with valuable information and witty exchanges between the panelists. I was happy to be part of it. Now, I’m a bit more confident in dealing with my little one’s cuts and scratches.
How about you? How do you treat your child’s wounds?

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