Fhmoms Celebrate Mother’s Day with Pampers!

Being a stay at home mom can feel isolating. I don’t get to go out that much and rarely find time to connect with friends and other moms.

Recently, I became part of Fhmoms (Filipina Homebased Moms), a fast-growing Facebook community established by Ms. Maria Korina Cope-Bertulfo, nicknamed Mommy MK. Only a year old, this group already has almost 60,000 members who are moms working at home or looking for jobs online. It’s a very supportive community with meet-ups and programs that help us gain skills and confidence so that we can land a job that’s right for us.

I’m so happy and privileged to be part of Fhmoms. It made me realize that staying at home shouldn’t hold us back from having sustainable careers.

Being part of Fhmoms makes me eager to learn and keep learning.

Actually, I was part of last month’s COOL (Collection of Online Learning) program and I must say, it’s been really great. The lessons we have are interesting and practical. We also had  weekly live sessions where we get to have Q&A and a lively group chat so we could interact with our classmates. 

Fhmoms is motivated by this phrase, “Moving Forward, Giving Back”. It’s pretty awesome that experienced members share what they’ve learned to newbies and they too pay it forward to the rest of the community. I love the positive energy and enthusiasm this community has.

Fhmoms celebrate Mother’s Day with Pampers

Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner,  Fhmoms will be having a Mother’s Day event with Pampers.  It’ll be an afternoon filled with  inspiring talks and  fun activities for both moms and kids.

Let’s get to know the mommy speakers a bit shall we?

Mommy Bem Chua has been a work at home mom for 3 years. Besides this, she is the spirited founder of Healthy Baby Food Ideas Philippines, a newbie calligrapher, an urban gardening enthusiast and a breastfeeding mom to her 2 year old daughter Sage.

Mommy Cass is a homeschooling mom of two, blogger, vlogger, calligrapher, motivational speaker, and a pastor’s wife. She is passionate about about helping women appreciate their beauty, live their purpose and pursue their calling.

Mommy Amber is a prominent online momprenuer who is a breastfeeding, babywearing and cloth diapering advocate. Currently, she is helping her husband become a Youth Pastor.

Mommy Bernz is a work at home mom (WAHM) who has been homeschooling her children for the past seven (7) years. She teaches online and does after-class face-to-face tutorials. She is the founder of Tipid Homeschooling Community and shares tips  and her experience to moms who’d like to homeschool their kids.

Mommy MK is  the dynamic founder of Filipina Homebased Moms (Fhmoms) who currently works as a virtual assistant, email support agent and social media manager to local and foreign clients. She is dedicated to helping pinay moms thrive in their chosen paths either as WAHMs, mompreneurs or stay-at-home-moms. She is a trainer in her online courses and a vlogger in Buhay Nanay, a show on STV channel highlighting moms and their mom life.

I’m really excited to join another event sponsored by Pampers. A few years back, I got to join Pampers and Gymboree’s Mommy Meet-up which was so much fun. I’m sure tomorrow’s event will be enjoyable as well! 

How about you, how are you spending Mother’s Day? 

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