5 Things to Do When Your Breastfeeding Baby Twiddles

My little one twiddles.These past few months I have noticed that my little one,who is now 10 months old, has been poking, pinching,twisting, kneading and slapping every body part within reach when she’s nursing. Sometimes, she would put her fingers in my mouth or give me a manual nose lift haha. Other times, she would just playfully pull her ears or foot. 

I’m usually not bothered by it but there are times when it gets painful and annoying.So I looked through the net for an explanation and perhaps any measures to curb this behavior when needed.This was when I discovered the term, “twiddle” which means twist or fidget.I know you probably just thought of Tweedleum & Tweedledee from Alice in Wonderland.So did I.

It turns out that twiddling has its benefits. It is a mammalian form of bonding Furthermore, when baby kneads the breast while nursing, it encourages milk letdown because of oxytocin.

However, it can sometimes be quite uncomfortable or  even painful for a nursing mommy so here are a few tips  to discourage twiddling:

1.Cover the other breast when nursing. This is sometimes effective but there are times she suddenly pulls my blouse.

2. Slowly remove the hand from the part that is being twiddled.I would sometimes hold her hand and move it around.

3. Have something they could play with.There are sturdy but fashionable teething necklaces available.I actually tried one and it was effective!

4. Some mommies also recommend telling baby ” No, mommy’s hurt.” They say you must tell this with a serious face. I tried this and my baby just kept smiling at me !
5. Try switching to the other breast.  This can divert your baby from twiddling.
Is your baby twiddling too? How do you feel about it?
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  1. Glad that I went through your post and found this! My 6 month old is going through this stage now. I work full time so when we are together at home, we're unli-latched. That initial moment that he realized I'm (or my boobs are haha) there, he'll grab it like there's no tomorrow. Or when he's latched, he'll pull at my nipple. And he's not teething yet! haha. Will try the tips you've mentioned. So far, what I do is just unlatch him gently then tell him it hurts then nurse him back again. Tt worked a couple of times na. 🙂

  2. Relate, I am breastfeeding mom also, but even now he is 5 years old he still love to touch and pinch my breast if he is sleeping. Sabi ng iba until 7-8 pa daw. But I keep explaining it to him na it hurts and hindi na puwede

  3. Ay super relate mommy mads! I let Cloud twiddling but as you have said, sometimes its painful and annoying. I just get his hand and let him play my mouth instead.

  4. I miss those days. 🙁 They grew up so fast! My kids are now 7,8 and 13.

  5. Oh my gosh, twiddling was the worst part of breastfeeding for me! I breastfed my son for 3 years and when he was 2, I really had to discipline him to stop twiddling!

  6. I breastfed my son for two years. And yes, I experienced the same thing with him! A friend gifted me one of those necklaces (I forgot what those are called) and it worked great for him!

  7. Nice share! …My baby also smiles whenever I tell him I'm hurt. He even laughs sometimes! haha

  8. i remembered my early mommyhood days, back to the time when my kids are still babies…that twiddling is something memorable and im missing it! Great tips here mommy! thanks for sharing! 🙂

  9. yes, very much and he is just five months old. now, he learns something new — hinihila na nya ang nipple ko na parang bubble gum or rubber band while breastfeeding. and when i tell him, it hurts, ngingitian ka pa. hahaha.

  10. I can relate too! but i, too, hold her hand (and caress) to stop her from twiddling 🙂

  11. I can relate! Great tips! I will try those too!

  12. Breastfeeding was challenging and blissful at the same time. It's an amazing experience but admittedly, things like twiddling can be uncomfortable. Great tips and hope this helps alot of breastfeeding moms!

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