#ThisMommyLoves: Teething Beads for My Twiddling Toddler

  Before I went to this year’s Mommy Mundo’s Expo North early last month, I had been trying to find a good and affordable teething necklace for my little one. When she is breastfeeding, she often twiddles. Honestly, I don’t mind her doing this at home but when we are out, I feel self-conscious about it. Even with a nursing cover, it still feels uncomfortable.I had been lurking online, particularly on Facebook, for such a product but I couldn’t find one that was below P500.
Fortunately, I was able to find a pretty pastel teething necklace at one of the booths at the expo. I got the necklace below from Teething Beads, a shop that sells these both online and in bazaars. 
I was really excited to try this. So here we are. But I think she wants me to use them instead!

What I love about my Teething Beads necklace




  •  I love that it’s bright and colorful! I guess it makes me feel youthful haha
  •  It  has no BPA, PVC, pthalates , lead, cadmium or heavy metals.
  • The beads are made of silicone.
  • Easily cleaned with soap and water and is sterilizer safe.
  • It comes with a one time 6 month warranty card which covers both parts and labor
  • It works! She plays with the beads instead of pinching, scratching or slapping. This is helpful especially when we’re in public.
Well, if you’re baby is a bit fussy you might want to check the environment. Keeping the room environment right is important, check out these baby dehumidifiers.
 Note: Please remember though, as with other pieces of jewelry, these teething beads shouldn’t be left with an unattended baby. Safety hazards include choking and strangulation.
 Have you tried teething jewelry to soothe your little one while breastfeeding? 

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