5 Things That Helped Me Survive Being A New Mom

A very close friend of mine living abroad will be giving birth sometime next month. Since I got through ( and enjoyed ) my first year of motherhood, I thought of sharing some stuff that helped me get through the first few months of being a new mom.
It’s wonderful to experience motherhood for the first time but it can also be quite overwhelming. To be honest, these things helped keep me sane, apart from family, friends and prayer. I thanked God everyday for a healthy baby and a strong support system.
I also prayed for patience to handle a crying baby and endurance to last those almost sleepless nights. I could still remember having that roller coaster of emotions turning my life upside down during the transition. I was happy, tired, anxious, self-doubting, emotional and melodramatic especially during the first three months. So without so much fuss, here are my top 5 recommendations for the new mommy to make her life a bit easier.


This is the practice of wrapping your baby snugly in blankets or cloth to keep him warm and comfortable. In our case, it also helped our little one sleep a bit longer (or just enough so mommy can rest) because it prevented her from startling herself.
There are a lot of good products for swaddling such as Halo and Summer infant. You can also improvise by using a large soft breathable fabric.
If you choose to swaddle, you need to remember to leave enough space at the bottom for the legs to bend up and out from his or her body to avoid injury to the hip sockets. Moreover, you need to recognize that there are risks involved in swaddling such as overheating and respiratory infection.


Dunstan Baby Language

Sometime after I gave birth, my cousin sent me a Youtube video of Priscilla Dunstan, a mother who had a keen sense of sound. She discovered that 0-3 month old babies had a common language.
I thought it was a hoax until one time, my newborn woke up and starting saying “ Eh, Eh,Eh”. Based on the Dunstan language system, this meant that the baby needed to burp so I helped her do so. Surprisingly, she burped! Since then, I memorized the five words that signal my baby’s needs. It was a lifesaver!
Baby Comfy Nose
One of a mother’s worst feelings is seeing her child in pain or uncomfortable. When my little one had a clogged nose, I was thankful that we had this handy. Its great features include size options for suction tips and tissue as filters. You just need to suck the mucus out so your little one can breathe easier. No biggy!

My Baby Today App

This is a free app from Baby Center that you can download on Google Play. The great thing about it is it has the answer to the most common and relevant concerns of a mom based on her baby’s age. You just need to input the date of your baby and you have your daily dose of useful info such as how to give your baby a bath, change her diaper, etc. It also has ideas to allow your baby to safely explore her environment. They also have a very informative website, just click here

Happy Habits

For me, my happy habits were a cup of hot chocolate and a warm bath. It is great to have some “me time” when you possibly can. Even a ten minute nap or a long hot bath can do wonders for you. For breastfeeding moms, you also need to find ways to relax to encourage milk flow. When you are frustrated take some time to calm down and let others carry your baby. Remember you need to take care of yourself so you can take care of your baby.
I hope you found this post helpful.I think it’s really great that we have these products available to make our transition into motherhood less stressful and more wonderful.

How bout you? Do you have any tips for a new mommy?

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