First Time Parents Workshop Series on September 2 and 9

Parenting can be overwhelming especially for first time parents. I remember feeling frazzled about the smallest things. I was actually scared of giving my baby a bath  so for the longest time, my husband was the one who did it.
If you’re expecting your bundle of joy soon, it would be  good idea to attend informative seminars such as the upcoming First Time Parents Workshop Series setup by Manila Workshops, The Parenting Emporium and their brand partners so you could gain practical and valuable information about birth options, newborn care, breastfeeding and nutrition

Now in its fourth year run, Manila Workshops and the Parenting Emporium together with their partner brands would like to share with you the opportunity to learn more about this important change in your life! While this workshop series is ideal for expectant couples, they do also invite relatives, caregivers, or basically anyone who would like to know more about having a healthy pregnancy and preparing for the first year of life of their precious baby.
Manila Workshops and The Parenting Emporium are hoping you could join the workshop.This event is supported by Stemcord, Cradle/Cycles, Beginnings, Mega Malunggay, Mamachows and Cetaphil.
Note: Please choose the topics that you wish to attend and pay the corresponding fees based on the number of sessions.

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