The Asian Parent & Lactacyd Baby Bash

My family and I recently attended a fun baby bash at the posh Whitespace Makati. This event sponsored by The Asian Parent and Lactacyd let mommies and babies enjoy an afternoon of bonding and informative talks.
The two hour event featured experts who talked about the importance of proper skin care in young children. There were also several stations in the venue that provided useful information and interactive activities. 
Parents and their kids  were amused while making components for the sensory bottles.
The baby weaning station displayed foods to avoid when transitioning your baby to solid food.
The kids were excited to shovel colorful sand  and piece together puzzles in the play area. 
A station was also designated for mommies to try a very useful parenting app called ParentTown. I’ve actually tried it and you can find my review here.
During the event, several contests were held. Luckily, I won first place in one because my daughter’s picture had the most likes on Instagram. It is my first time winning this kind of contest so I was thrilled. Here  we are with Berlin of MomiBerlin and Kat of Petite Momma.
Aside from the wealth of information gained, the mommies who attended also got to take home goodie bags filled with baby stuff Among these were Lactacyd Baby 2 in 1 Moisturizing Cleanser and Lactacyd Liquid Baby Powder.
Lactacyd Baby 2 in 1 Moisturizing Cleanser can be used to gently cleanse your baby even without water. It has been dermatologically tested safe for sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic and paraben free. On the other hand, Lactacyd Liquid Baby Powder is dust-free baby powder. It contains zinc oxide that protects baby from sweat and diaper rash.
These are truly exciting and innovative baby products to try for your baby. 
There were several mommy bloggers who attended and we got a photoop with the energetic members of The Asian Parent team.
Thank you so much The Asian Parent Philippines and Lactacyd for these goodies!
It was an  enjoyable Sunday afternoon. My daughter had the time of her life and we had the pleasure of being part of this event.By the way, this is the first Baby Bash in a series this year so keep yourself posted.
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  1. Such an enjoyble and fun event indeed. Learned my boy loves balloons and of course enjoy the company of others. Again, thanks for the ride and Shonantei treat.

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