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Ariel 100 Stains in 1 Wash Challenge: Can Ariel Power Gel Take on Tough Stains?

Toddlerhood is such a fun and explorative stage. These days, my dear toddler enjoys discovering how something works and if it’s durable enough to stand being thrown a few times. She also enjoys “playing” with her food sometimes and drawing on the sofa. This means more cleanup and laundry.
That’s why I got excited when I received the test kit for Ariel® 100 Stains in Wash Challenge. Ariel® is a line of concentrated laundry detergents known for being tough on stains. Every mom needs all the help she can get with the laundry so I wanted to see for myself if Ariel® could tackle two common food stains: fish sauce and soy sauce.
Let’s watch how this challenge went.

Disclosure: I got the test kit for free but paid for the shipping. Nevertheless, the result speaks for itself!
Now, I won’t be intimidated by tough food stains because I know I can rely on Ariel® to help me deal with them.
How bout you, how do you get rid of tough stains? 

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