9 Months & Beyond : A Happy Shopping Space for Modern Moms

About two weeks ago, my mommy blogger friends and I were invited to visit 9 Months & Beyond, a concept store that sells mommy and baby goods. It is both an online and physical store thus giving customers shopping options. This is great because moms these days are getting busier by the minute. With all the demands from work and family, we need our shopping to be as relaxing and as convenient as possible.

Happiness Is Where Your MOM Is

This is 9 months & Beyond’s tagline. And  this mommy has found her happiness in this store ( talk about retail therapy).
Walking inside the store, you’d notice the warm lighting and the store’s creative layout. Items have been thoughtfully organized so that picking out things for yourself and your baby would be easy. I enjoyed looking through the interesting items on display. I could probably spend hours just perusing and appreciating them. It was really homey and inviting.
Nilyn looks like a happy mommy shopper doesn’t she?

9 Months & Beyond features both foreign and local brands.They have cute and adorable apparel for your little ones such as shirts, bibs, dresses and even swimwear. Fashionable tops are also available.

For babywearing moms, they have whimsical soft structured carriers for sale.
There are also pretty little stickers for your baby’s monthly photos.


Toddler mommies and their kids would probably go gaga over these animated backpacks and  colorful educational toys.



These quiet books and toy kits are a fun way to keep their little hands busy and their young minds entertained. I actually thought these were imported but it turns out, they are locally made. Amazing, right?


Hmmm, someone was eyeing a few toys on the shelf. 


If you’d be bringing your kids along, they can play in a cozy little nook in a corner of the store.


Personal care and baby care products from local organic brands such as Coco Haven, Messy Bessy and Human Nature are found on shelves in the middle of the store.
Likewise, beauty products like makeup, soaps and creams for mommy are neatly stacked on these shelves.
I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed shopping in this store. Speaking of which, I got my daughter a quiet book! I was actually planning to make her one from felt  for her birthday but I’m happy ( and relieved) that I saw this vibrant one for her. She enjoys snapping off the shapes!
I also got to take home a comfy nursing arm pillow. This would come in handy especially for road trips. Got to try it in the store!
Overall, I had a relaxing shopping experience at 9 months & beyond. I felt inspired by some of the stories behind the brands and happy to have visited a great place to shop.
Berlin, Jelly of 9 months & Beyond, me, Nilyn & Mhaan
(Photo credit: Mhaan)
9 Months & Beyond
Address:  22 Malingap, Diliman, Quezon City

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  1. Ganda ng mga kuha mo, Madz! At now ko lang nakita ang picture ko! haha. Thanks! :*

  2. The interior is so cute! Looks like a very relaxing and stress-free place for moms!

  3. This is a nice concept store, where Moms and kids will really have a great time. Their provision for a nook where kids can play is really awesome. Not all come up with that idea…

  4. They have some really nice things there, too bad my youngest is already a teen.

  5. I love how simple and down to earth the store lay out is. I miss shopping for my kids when they were younger. It's different now that they are older. hihi.

  6. I want to go there! Sayang super layo, but at least they have an online store. Will check now for the quiet books.

  7. Great store concept for moms and moms-to-be. A one stop shop helpful for moms to find the most important things related to our needs with our little ones.

  8. Oh my gosh, I would love, love, love to go to this store especially since I have a new baby. Too bad I live in Paranaque though. But I would super take the trip to QC to check this out.

  9. I love the play of colors! It makes shopping for moms and babies more exciting. — Maria Teresa Figuerres

  10. The place looks simple but nice. I'd like to see their baby products on that shelf.

  11. Oohhh I like this. Not pregnant though, but will check this out soon 🙂

  12. I love the place that has a kiddie corner so mommy can concentrate 🙂

  13. Why is it that during the time I was pregnant there's only a handful of shops selling mom and baby items and not much choices? So lucky! 🙂

  14. This is such a cute place and it's just near the office pala. An cute nung statement shirt na Queen Bee.

  15. I like the toys of Mom and Milly. I bought some toys in their online store before for Christmas gifts. Good to know that they have physical store na rin.

  16. super love the place as well. If only I have the resources, I would have bought all my wants and needs at 9 months and beyond. Love that the owner is friendly, too.

  17. Ang cool ng set up ng store.. And very eye-catching yung mga items! Tama ba na cafe din sya? 😉

  18. This looks like a lovely story to visit whether you have small children or not. I am sure I will check out the natural children's products first and would have a mighty fine time browsing through baby girl dresses, half-wishing I would have a baby girl soon so I will have an excuse to buy any of them! 😀

  19. 9 Months & Beyond seems like a haven for nursing and preggy moms. They have a wide variety if unique products to choose from.

  20. What a nice shop! I'm so jealous of moms these days coz there are so many nice stores and products available already. Wala pang ganyan when I was a new mom 11 years ago.

  21. Love the quiet books.. It's good that they have kids corner so that mommies can shop without running after cutie babies. Ang layo lang ng store pero I'll check their online shop 😉

  22. Moms nowadays are lucky for having stores like this that caters to their needs as well as their babies. During my time, I need to order some items abroad pa.

  23. Love the place as well and is looking forward to return and buy a few baby and mommy essentials.

  24. Love that they have my favorites under one roof! I swear by Coco Haven, In My Arms, Human Heart Nature and Mom & Milly. 🙂 Hope to get a quiet book soon.

  25. Oh my gosh! That looks like such an awesome my-kind-of store. I hope I can visit it soon.

  26. I'd love to visit the shop! Too bad it's a tad far from our place. I'll check them out online instead. 🙂

  27. That was a cool place for moms and the little ones. If only this place is close to me il be there on weekends!

  28. Lovely mom-friendly place! Wish they open a branch in the South!

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