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7 Effective Ways To Level Up Your Home Security

With everything happening in the world, I’m sure like me, you’re concerned with home security. After all, we’re home almost 24/7 these days. Well, I’m sharing 7 simple but effective ways to level up your home security.

Effective Ways To Level Up Your Home Security

Make your entryways more secure

Your gate and front doors are important entryways so you need to make sure they’re secure. Some people use double locks, door chains, and solid doors.

If you have the budget, you might as well go for electric or digital door locks with passcodes. Also, you can add a video doorbell that can send you high-quality videos every time someone stops by.

Set up a home security system

You need to keep an eye on things, literally.  To do this, you need a home security system with sensors and cameras to capture everything day and night.

There are a lot of good quality closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras you could get to instantly live stream video footage. 

Some cameras even have night vision and two-way audio to allow people to speak to someone on the camera. We actually have this last feature at home. And I can tell you, it’s pretty neat.

Of course, you need to have a system that has a high decibel alarm in case there’s a burglar or trespasser. Many advanced home security systems probably even have a feature to alert authorities.

It’s great to have this wifi-enabled so that you can monitor your home even if you’re away on vacation.

Think about getting a pet

If you feel like having a reliable guard, then maybe you can get an intimidating dog. Perhaps a Doberman or german shepherd? Or a talkative parrot who says  “Intruder Alert!!”?

In a 2016 survey, 86 burglars shared that big loud dogs would make them think twice about breaking into a house.

Dogs are loud and territorial so it’s really good when someone breaks in. Growing up in a compound, we used to have a pack of dogs roaming around the property. I really felt secure with them around and there’s never been a break-in whatsoever.

Keep valuables hidden from plain sight

People like shiny objects, literally and figuratively. So, if you got a new car, it’s best to keep it hidden. Go for laminated windows for more privacy.

For cash, jewelry, and important documents, you can also consider a tough-coded vault.

You don’t need to flaunt how rich you are whether in real life or on social media. I mean, that’s just inviting a thief into your home.

Install smart outdoor lighting

If you have a garden or garage, it’s good to keep it well-lit. You could also opt for lights with motion sensors so they light up when there’s someone there. Who knows, it could be someone trying to skedaddle.

Guard your wifi-network

Home security isn’t just about your physical home. You also need to secure your home wifi network since it contains valuable personal and financial information. 

Moreover, if you’re using home automation then you really need to keep hackers out. Don’t forget to install a firewall and keep your anti-virus protection updated.

Get home insurance

Sometimes bad things happen and just knowing you have insurance can give you peace of mind. Just as you would get insurance for yourself and your family, it’s good to have property insurance. 

When you do get home insurance Philippines, check if they have good coverage, not just for burglary and housebreaking but for earthquakes, lightning, and floods which are quite common in the country.

So, ask yourself, is your home secure now?

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