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A Special Homecoming

Every father dreams of a good life for his family. Some even go overseas to provide for their children’s needs.
Every son aspires for his father to approve of his life choices and be proud of his accomplishments.
After years abroad, our dear OFWs come home to their families. Their families gather expectantly at the airport to welcome them.


These concepts intersect sublimely in the latest video of Lancris Residences entitled “Homecoming”. Personally, as a daughter of an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker), I could feel the emotional underpinnings in the video from doubt and disappointment to joy and pride. It warmed my heart especially because the lolo (grandfather) in the video looks like my father, with his vest and glasses.
Every father also wants his son to make a good life for himself too: to work hard and see the fruits of his labor. A good and comfortable home is one of those fruits.
Homecoming is a heartwarming story not only of grandparents’ homecoming but of a Filipino family coming together at Lancris Residences.
Watch and share the video by clicking on  the picture’s caption below.
What do you think about the video? What do you like about homecomings?

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  1. One of the happiest moments in the life of OFWs is during homecomings. That instance when they see their loved ones is enough to wipe away the months of hardship. I also agree with Sir Robert's comment above. I think it's time we slowly change our culture of pressuring our OFW friends and relatives for pasalubongs. They slave abroad not to buy pasalubongs for us but to be able to give a bright future for their families.

  2. A homecoming of a loved one or a close family member is an event that excites everyone in the family. No matter how long they've been apart, family will always be family. Aside from the pasalubongs, there will always be that certain joy to coming home – it's about togetherness and the precious times that everyone will most certainly look forward to because the family is complete.

  3. I think homecoming is a joyous event especially for the returning OFW. I am also aware that amidst the laughter and the smiles, there is still a certain level of discomfort for many OFWs knowing that there will be extended families and friends milking them. That is the sad realities of many OFWs.

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