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Make A Good First Impression Every Time You Enter Your Home

Like any other person, I want to make a good first impression. I mean, you only have one chance to have that unique impact on somebody, right? So you might as well make it good if not great.

Whether it’s on a date,  in an interview, at a meeting or celebrating an occasion with your husband’s family for the first time, you want to leave them with a positive perception about you.

However, we can be so concerned about what other people think about us that we sometimes forget our living space. And after a day of running around and dealing with stress, we want to come home, to our havens and relax. We walk in the door, and…∞DROP∞ (sigh).

Our entire mood sinks because the first thing we see when we get home are toys scattered on the floor. And a lot of dirt. And paint chipped on the wall. And a coffee cup ring/stain on the table (that’s become a catch-all for junk) that wasn’t there when you left that morning.

I like to make sure all the dishes are done before I go to bed. When I get up in the morning and prepare breakfast, I want to see a clean counter and have space to work.

When we leave our homes for work, and more importantly, when we come back home from work, why should the first thing we see cause us stress and aggravation?

It shouldn’t. You deserve a good last impression when leaving and a good first impression when coming back home.

So, I’m going to give some tips on how to help you be stress free when you walk in the door.

Whether you call it a foyer, and an entryway, a vestibule or an atrium, when you walk in the door to your home this is the first room you see.

What you want to see, and what you actually see, are often two different things. Honestly, it’s no more challenging to clean this space than it is any other space in your home. It is heavily trafficked, however, so the actual challenge is in maintaining its new, clean-and-organized state one you get it where you like it. A family meeting is in order but first; let’s get this portal to your home in tip-top shape.

You Have To Know What You Don’t Like

Knowing what bothers you helps you know what you need. When we feel pain, for example, it’s a signal to change something, or that something needs attention. When you get agitated walking into your home, the same principle applies.

You don’t need a doctor for this situation, however. You can be your own cleaning physician and write out a prescription for peace-and-serenity. I mentioned the coffee stain earlier – write it down. The muddy shoes that weren’t cleaned off out side – write that down too. The clothing hooks always filled up so you have nowhere to hang your coat – definitely write that down as well. Whatever it is that irks you gets a special spot on your list.

Now Picture What You Want

Visualization does work. It’s a weird phenomenon because I know a lot of people who practice positive-affirmation theory who still struggle. There is no right-or-wrong way about the law of attraction; it just…is. The trick is to step into it, get out of your own way, and as Paul McCartney wrote, “Let it be.”

Tiles are cracks or eroded? Plan to get new ones.

Paint is chipped or you want a brighter, happier color either as an accent wall or on all walls? Plan to paint.

That antique table/cabinet passed down to you from many generations that is faded and stained with coffee? Plan to refinish it.

Need more space for coats, hats and scarves? Research storage options and/or think about where anything you don’t need can be relocated so it’s not cluttering up your entryway and bringing you down.

Let’s execute this. Make sure you’ve got the right products and tools, and that you understand the techniques required to achieve your desired outcome.

De-Bug The Clutter-Bug

It’s a perfect segue from above: get rid of what you don’t need. You can’t clean what you can’t get to. You can’t paint if you can’t move around.

Toss or donate what you don’t need and store the rest. 

Even small spaces feel bigger with a lot less clutter.

Tools Of The Trade

You’re going to need supplies. Once you decide what exactly you’ll be cleaning and changing, make sure you’re prepared and stocked up with all necessary items like paintbrushes, buckets, ladders, furniture polish, screwdrivers and other tools.

What you need depends on what you’re doing, for sure, so I can’t give you specifics. Replacing the floor? You might need these things. Adding a mirror to expand your visuals and space? You might need to look into these tips and items.

Whatever you need; just be sure to have it ready to go in an organized, accessible caddy when you get to work.

A Wise Person Knows

The same rules that apply to cleaning other rooms apply to your foyer as well. Start at the top and work to the bottom.

If you’re painting, vacuum all dirt, dust and debris out of the area and wipe down the walls before starting.

You can visit this first before if you want to learn a little bit about vacuum cleaners,  Now let’s go back, tape around what you don’t want to be painted, and put down plastic to keep your floors splash free.

This is common-sense time and you already use it when cleaning the rest of your house. It should be a breeze(way – sic) for this project!

Set the Mood

You put a lot of thought into this project. You went through weeks, or months of aggravation to get to this point.

You deserve to enjoy the experience. Light a scented candle or heat up your favorite essential oil when working. Dress accordingly (duh).

This is not a black-tie affair. Sweats and sneakers are perfect. Wear the most comfortable pair of work shoes you have.

Keep water, tea or wine nearby. Put on relaxing music and invite a friend to come hang out with you while you’re working. I like to put my hair up before starting any serious cleaning. Somehow it makes me feel like I mean business.

Keep at it

This is either going to be a process that takes a few hours or one that takes days or weeks to complete. Stay focused and positive the whole way. Take mental notes of progress and congratulate yourself for a job well done when finished.

Family And/or House Meeting

On the other side of this adventure is the task of maintaining the great new space you created. Talk to your family and/or roommates about the changes you want to make, are making and have made. Discuss the importance of keeping that are clean and what it means to you. Make it part of daily chores for your children if applicable.

Above all else, stay on top of the little things that pop up to dirty up your entryway as frequently as you can.

You know how good it feels to come home to new, clean space. Staying on top of little cleaning tasks prevents giant, stressful cleaning sessions later!


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