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Ramen Cool: A Hip Place To Hang Out

When I first visited Ramen Cool West Avenue sometime last year, I really thought it was a hip place to eat at. The ambiance was modern and vibrant. The Japanese music playing in the background adds to its relaxing mood. I love Japanese food so I was looking forward to their food.

When you enter the place, yoau’d be smitten by how the interior manages to look bright yet cozy. You’ll also find  small  lovely things to marvel at such as these hanging baskets and a maneki-neko near the door entrance.


I got to visit this Japanese restaurant again recently with my friends and fellow bloggers for a makeup workshop by Mhaan of Mommy Rockin In Style and Beauty Avenue PH. We were a group of five plus three adorable kids. We were joined by Berlin of Momi Berlin, Melissa of Seafarers Wife Diaries and Nilyn of Above Precious Rubies. I had previously met them in several blogging events and enjoy their company very much. We talked about the workshop and became excited when we learned that Ramen Cool would be our venue sponsor. I’ll talk about our fun kikay workshop in detail in an upcoming post, but first let’s focus on Ramen Cool’s appetizing food.
We got to order a number of items on the menu for lunch. Let’s feast our eyes on them, shall we?
The bowl of beef ramen looked appetizing with carrots, a slice of boiled egg and some strips of sea weed on top. I think the soup stock is hearty and flavorful. The serving is also large enough for two.
Beef Ramen, Php 245
For anyone who likes California maki, their version called California love, is a must try. It has the sweet savory contrast that I like for sushi.
California Love Php 205
 The other dishes that my friends ordered were their tofu special, sukiyaki and chashuThe tofu special looked delectable with a veggie filled sauce over it.
Tofu Special Php 190
On the other hand, their sukiyaki was mouth-watering. Sukiyaki is a Japanese hot pot dish usually made of thinly sliced beef, tofu sugar, rice wine, egg and vegetables.Their chashu also looked enticing. Chashu is braised or simmered pork belly.
Sukiyaki Php 255

Chashu ( 5 pieces ) Php 125

Everyone enjoyed their lunch with all the dishes that were served. We also felt comfortable in the private function room reserved for us.

Photo credit: Mhaan of Mommy Rockin In Style

At this point, I’d like to thank the owner of Ramen Cool West Avenue,  the manager, Ms. January Villarde and the staff  for making us feel welcome at this restaurant. ‘Til our next visit! To know more about Ramen Cool, its food and branches, feel free to visit their Facebook page.


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