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Change the Way You See Happiness

Happy New Year! Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday!
When I was young, l looked forward to these greetings. These greetings meant delicious food and lots of gifts. They represent a time of partying til the wee hours or until we’ve run out of leftovers. These were certainly good and happy times for my younger self, especially when I got what had been on my wish list, “collected” money from my godparents, and won prizes from various party games.
Yes, I would feel excited when I receive a lot of stuff from people.My elation would feel like eating a box of chocolates on your birthday. Unfortunately, this feeling was quite shallow and fleeting. After the party had ended and the guests had left, my life became pretty much routine until the next big celebration.
Last year, a defining moment in my life made me view happiness differently. This time, I gave. I gave birth.
As cliche as it sounds, cradling your baby for the first time puts a light in your heart that’s brighter than the most grandiose fireworks on New Year’s eve and warmer than the Christmas ham roasting in the oven.
Those  sleepless nights thereafter, when all was quiet as I breastfed my daughter, my heart would whisper to me, “This is real happiness.” It is that intense feeling of joy as you realize that you are blessed with a miracle in your arms and in your life. You get that exquisite chance to love and be loved by this little human being. Nothing could be more wonderful.
Needless to say, happiness became more meaningful to me. It was no longer about getting what I wanted but giving what she needed whether it’s a diaper change or just a cuddle. It was also being grateful for the life that you have and the people who love you.
These days, I find happiness in the simple things like being a hands on parent, crocheting and writing. Sure, it’s tiring and frustrating at times but I feel happy when I appreciate seemingly ordinary moments – like my child’s gusto in eating something I cooked or her enthusiasm in acting out ” The Itsy Bitsy Spider” song . I also enjoy playing with her and watching her discover new things. She recently found out that spinning yourself one too many times can make you feel dizzy.
She is indeed growing up and moving fast. But I think as long as we are mindful of how important our time together is, we will always find happiness even in everyday things.

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  1. Life depends on how we see things.. if we focused ourselves to those negative things, then chances are, you will find your life miserable but if you look into the bright side on no matter what challenges you are facing to day, that's where the happiness will emerge! Thanks for such an inspiring post!

  2. I think that being a parent makes a lot of people happy. It is a lot of work but the hormones and bonds that attach someone to their child are certainly very powerful. And the pictures of your baby are very cute. I agree that giving to others makes one ultimately happier than receiving things.

  3. I don't have children so I don't know this feeling yet. However, I know it can't compare, but I do have pets. And I always put them first, I always buy them the expensive food their need, even if that leaves me with less food for me, haha.

  4. Lovely! I have never imagined myself as a mom. I wanted to adopt, and my partner and I agreed on it. I think motherhood is universal feeling for moms, even those that didn't bear a child from their own bodies. Great story 🙂

  5. I will be giving birth soon. Actually, it will be only days from now and I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I think I'll feel the same happiness you are mentioning here right at that very moment.

  6. This is the reason why I'll forever keep on obsessing with photographs. The idea of capturing and freezing a certain moment in time fascinates me the most.

    I agree, our perspective changes and what we want in life change too when we grow older.

    I'm also sending an entry to Huawei's contest. Hope we both win! 🙂

    Lester |

  7. You are on point! Love the way you emphasize on material things that is so true! So happy for you on your little bundle of joy she's amazing. I look forward for more posts from you I enjoy reading 🙂


  8. you are absolutely right. Real happiness lies in our near and dear ones. Your baby is soooo cute by the way..!!!! The memories we create by being there for family makes us happy.

  9. There is a reason why smartphones rule the world. Photos are moments of time and the need to have easy access is key to capturing a moment so that it could be saved forever… Errr, remember to back up!

    I Used to own dSLR too, changed that to a smaller mirrorless, but I find myself taking snapshots using the phone. It's pretty obvious. We may not bring a camera with us all the time, but we do with a phone.

  10. Congratulations on your beautiful baby. You are so right. Happiness is not in "things". Happiness is in the moments we create with the people around us. Things don't last but memories do 🙂

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