Informative Workshop Series for First Time Parents

Being a first time parent is probably one of the most exciting stages in somebody’s life. The anticipation of your bundle of joy is truly a one of a kind experience. However, with the birth of your newborn comes a whole new set of responsibilities that require a lot of preparation. 

I remember feeling quite overwhelmed a few weeks before my due date. I had been reading a lot but I still felt a bit unequipped to handle motherhood. In hindsight, my husband and I would have gladly joined a seminar to prime ourselves for our new roles.
Fortunately, for those expecting their little one soon, an upcoming workshop series can help them.
Manila Workshops, together with The Parenting Emporium, will be starting the 2ndrun of their successful workshop series for first time parents later this month. They have been offering these workshops since 2013.  They are geared towards assisting expectant parents in preparing for the coming of their baby. They are also inviting singles, relatives and caregivers to attend this informative series of workshops.
The four part series covers a comprehensive range of topics from pregnancy to toddler hood. Specifically, first time parents would gain practical knowledge about  pregnancy checkups, nutrition, delivery considerations, breastfeeding, toddler nutrition and care.

For more information, visit They also have special discounted rates if you decide to register as a couple or to avail of two or more topics.
Are you ready for your little one’s arrival?

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  1. ooooh this sounds fun! I'm not a parent and I'm far from it. haha but I have lots of new parent-friends and I am definitely sharing this with them. Thank you! <3

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