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Passive Income by Samantha Connor

Who doesn’t want to earn money with as little effort and time as you possibly could afford?
The ebook ” Passive Income: the Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Money Machine and Have Unlimited Income Even While You Sleep” tells us how in a simple, straightforward, and no nonsense way.
The chapters contain basic principles and concrete examples  of passive income which one could apply in real life. I think they were presented in a very interesting manner. The concepts were well presented and clearly discussed without the financial jargon so I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  It cites several doable ways passive profit can be achieved both offline (e.g. renting out a space) and online ( e.g. selling stock photography).
The main concepts of passive income are being able to create something that people would be willing to spend their hard earned money on repeatedly and using very minimal effort and time.
I think everyone who is interested in business and earning more for their family would benefit  immensely from reading this book. By the way, you can get this ebook on I think this will help kick start your financial independence!

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  1. I was so worried you are going to introduce us some MLM products or sales… This book might be the one that can guide people and tell people if they are suitable for passive income…

  2. This is a helpful book. Having passive income is letting money work for you and not the other way around.

  3. Looks like a good read. Will definitely check it out on amazon. =)

  4. Now-a-days, howmuchever you earn just evaporates in the thin air. It is good to have atleast a few more $$$. I will look out for this ebook.

  5. Well, Who don't love to have a passive income and earn some extra bucks for them. Looks like a great read and will search this in library.

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.In case, you know somebody who might want or need this book, feel free to share this post.Thanks!

  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.In case, you know somebody who might want or need this book, feel free to share this post.Thanks!

  8. I agree.Multiple streams of income is the way to go.

  9. Yes, I think so.Extra money can be invested, saved or spent for emergencies.

  10. I think so too.I hope you enjoy reading it.I did!

  11. So true.Everything that os worth doing requires time and effort but as we get older having a source of padsive incine can be advantageous.

  12. hmm, thanks for sharing about this book but it's not really my cup of tea. not a believer of passive income. i mean, it's good to have one (or some) but i wouldn't intentionally go around seeking for them.

  13. Sometimes its really misguiding! Though stock photography may get income, marketing our photos to bring out our existence takes time and effort just like blogging. And to start earning decent money out of it takes time and effort…

  14. Is it really possible? Wow, I am curious. I should check this book. I was thinking of this topic for a long time now. thanks for the reco.

  15. I believe Passive income is also an addition to earning extra income aside from a regular income. I'll definitely invest my time into this book. It's not a bad idea creating a lifestyle of your own dreams of business opportunities that can extend to generations yet unborn.

  16. I need to read this book. Now who wouldn't want to make money while they're sleeping. I know I sure do. I'll be checking this out on Amazon.

  17. I like the title when it says "Becoming a Money Machine and Have Unlimited Income Even While You Sleep". Unlimited income is great. First you need to make the right investment though that can work for you "while you sleep."

  18. This is such an interesting book! Might pick this up myself soon! 🙂

  19. It's a very nice reference for anyone who wants financial freedom without the extra effort. Also for those who already have jobs and still want to earn money on the side.

  20. I think a better term for this is investment. It would be nice to have a passive income, as a means of earning extra or for having something to add to your monthly savings. I'm sure this ebook will help a lot of people in terms of properly using their money.

  21. Passive income is something I've learned fairly recently from Robert Kiyosaki and Rich Dad Philippines. Right now we don't have that yet, we are still in the process of obtaining the necessary capital to gain assets, but the goal is to have passive income in the end.

    “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to escape from.”

    ― Seth Godin

  22. Passive incomes are great, but they do not come as easy as it seems. Just like in any business, one has to invest time, effort and resources in order that it will eventually bear fruit. It is the planting and nurturing part that is a bit of a challenge before one can enjoy the fruits of such investment. -Claire Algarme

  23. Everyone loves to have their own income. It's how you allocate your own income that will make you richer or be like a simple living person knows to pay debts with boundaries. Everyone wants the desire to acquire something, something to prove that they can provide for their family or for themselves alone.

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