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Look Whoo’s 1 Series: Party Suppliers

In a previous post, I shared with you the DIY details for my daughter’s 1st birthday. Now, I’d like to highlight the suppliers that helped me in making the party more fun and memorable.
This day of the week should get you excited! Well, at least in our book, it does! Wednesday’s is the name of a sweet shop dedicated to baked goodies. It’s named after the baker’s daughter and started out as a hobby.
Bernadette of Wednesday’s designed my daughter’s charming owl princess birthday cake inspired by a image from Google. It is a two tiered chocolate and vanilla cake covered in fondant. Both layers have colorful flower cutouts all around. A pink owl with fancy feathers and a gold tiara sits on top. 



This cake topper was inspired by the amigurumi owl I made. Let’s have a closer look. Isn’t she gorgeous?




The strawberry cheesecake cups she made were also a hit at the party.What I love about them ( aside from the fact that they’re super yummy!) is that the cheesecake isn’t too sweet.It is just the right cheesiness to balance the sweetness of the strawberry topping.

We also ordered a dozen chocolate cupcakes which were gone with the wind in  just a short while.

Are you craving for something sweet now? Don’t fret. You can just visit their Facebook page for orders or inquiries.
Ramelyn is a catering service managed by siblings:  RAlleign, RheaMElle and RyzzaLYN. Thus, Ramelyn. We had them at previous family events and find their food delicious and affordable. They serve a variety of well loved Filipino dishes such as pork asado, beef broccoli, morcon, among others. I especially like their fresh spring rolls and buko (coconut) pandan.


For our daughter’s birthday we had two separate buffets for adults and kids. Their kiddie meals include fried chicken or chicken lollipops, hotdogs and spaghetti.  The great thing is you can choose for it to be served as buffet or in packs. They also offer kiddie tables, lights and sounds and other party needs.


For more information you can check out their Facebook page here.
We met Rjhay a few hours before the party. He comes highly recommended by our wedding host Erney Arcilla. He is the president of Elemento Art of Magic.


We’re glad we had him because he became the host, magician, balloon twister and ventriloquist. Whew, talk about a man with many hats! In short he is the perfect entertainer for your children’s party! (No, this not a sponsored post). The kids enjoyed his magic tricks and balloon twisting the most, I think.I am not a big fan of puppets that look like kids though (you probably know why).

Aside from his skills, I think he is courteous and easy to talk to.He approached me sometime before the party to ask about the program and also clarified the details as we went along.

If you’re looking for someone you can rely on to handle your party’s entertainment, just visit his Facebook page here.
Yeah Shoot Photobooth
I met Sheen of Yeah Shoot Photobooth at MBP’s ( Mommy Bloggers Philippines) Christmas party last year. We were at the same table and chatted a bit. At that time, I wasn’t planning my baby’s party yet. Last month, we decided to have a photobooth and I thought we’d have them. We got the  2 hour session using a green screen background with 100 photos on magnets. 


A few days before the party she sent me three layouts she made for the photos. What I loved about her was she worked with me patiently in making some tweaks here and there to the layout to suit the aesthetics I had in mind.
If you’re planning a party soon and would like a cool photo booth you can message her at their Facebook page.
Myrna dirty ice cream
My father in law also thought of having dirty ice cream at the party.For P1500 we got 3 flavors ( ube, chocolate and cheese) at half a tub each.
I think this is a great idea especially for summer outdoor parties.Our guests, both adults and kids, enjoyed this treat and kept coming back for more.


As a final note, I think its is important to get suppliers that really deliver and are easy to work with. I hope sharing with you my experiences with them helps you in planning your next homemade party!
Meanwhile, can you share with me some of your go-to party suppliers?


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  1. The owl cake is super nice!

  2. This looks like a great party. And I love the cake 🙂 Coincidentally, we attended an Owl-themed party few weeks back :))

  3. Love the idea of sorbetes too!

    May I know how much the magician is?

  4. Thanks for sharing your suppliers, mommy! Just in time we are looking for a catering service for our mom's 50th birthday 🙂

  5. Love working with Sheen! I also like the cake. Very bright and beautiful.

  6. Congrats for the successful birthday party of your daughter. The strawberry cheesecakes look delicious.

  7. Looks like a fun party. And i will say this again– just love the owl theme. Everything is colorful. And thanks for sharing your suppliers.

  8. So pretty the cake! The owl is so eye-catching and the colors so adorable. For us it's Chinese food so I think we'd go for Tjioe as our caterer. 🙂

  9. Hello sis supper cute and ganda ng theme birthday party ng anak mu, nakita ku lahat ng photos mu hehehehhe. Belated happy birthday kay baby and God bless u, i miss u sis :*

  10. I can't share any go-to party suppliers because I haven't tried one. I like your owl cake. 🙂

  11. I think you're just the perfect mom. Look at the cake and that owl on top. I love the colorful decoration and the party looks amazing. This is in every single way perfect. I wish I had those skills to make a cake like that!

  12. Good post and certainly can help other people when they are in need of party props and hosts. Let me say once again, those owls are so darn cute. 🙂

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