No New Year Resolutions Just New Year Intentions

It’s been a long while since I’ve actually done and followed through a New Year Resolution. I guess even thinking about what I should do is just too much work. Maybe because a resolution is focused on a problem or an issue that needs to be fixed. I think it is much better to direct our attention to how we picture the coming year.What good things do you see happening? What kind of experiences would you like to have? How do you intend to grow and learn as a mother? a wife? a business owner? as a person? What can you do to connect with people and help your community? How can you be more spiritual?
These are some questions that I’d be reflecting on as the new year approaches. For one, I’d like to have more experiences and fewer things.It’s not that I won’t buy new stuff but I have to be sure that it us something that will be useful for a long time and will have room in our home.Because currently, we have things that need their own spot in our home.
 I also hope to travel to new and interesting places with my family. I believe traveling affords us exciting ways to widen our horizon and deepen our understanding of people,cultures and the world we live in.
I want to keep learning as a mom, a crocheter ,a writer and a health care professional. Everyday, I hope to make progress even small ones to improve my skills in these areas. 
How about you, what are your intentions for 2016? May tomorrow morning and the year ahead, be a fresh and good one for all of us.
This year, I’m most grateful for the opportunity to be a mom.Having a healthy daughter is such a blessing! I am also thankful for the interesting people and experiences that have come my way.It has been a truly wonderful year! I hope and pray that the coming year will bring more blessings, more avenues to grow and more ways to make a difference. 
Happy New Year everybody! Let’s all keep counting our blessings!♥

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  1. Acquiring meaningful life experiences with family, friends, acquaintances, etc. is definitely so much better than acquiring material possessions. That's a good intention to have this 2016. Happy New Year! — Maria Teresa Figuerres

  2. Aw, I like that intention: of having more experiences and fewer things. I'd love that too this year. Have a blessed, blissful New Year mommy!

  3. I hope you achieve all your resolutions for this year. My main plan for this year is to start up our own family business and to learn how to bake and to make sushis 🙂

  4. Happy New Year! My main goal this year is to be the best mom that I can be to my little girl. 🙂

  5. That sounds rightly put, new year intentions. I have some of the same intentions and most of all to travel with my family and spend more time together.

  6. Happy new year! 2015 was such a great year for my family so I really have a lot to be thankful for. For 2016, I plan to share more the blessings that I got and those that I anticipate to come my way, however great or small it could be.

  7. Im grateful for being a mom too this year! Though most of my moments with my twins are always crazy I will not exchange it with anything else!

  8. More experiences, less things. I'm with you on that!!! I do have a couple of resolutions this year — and they're also focused on experiences. Healthier experiences. Family experiences that involve travel! Cheers to more lovely AND more blissful experiences this 2016! 🙂

  9. I pray that all those intentions be a reality. As for me, I just want to be the loving and understanding mom to my boys. They deserve their parents' love and admiration as they have been and are good boys themselves.

  10. Yes I hope so too!:)

  11. My Goals for 2016 are:
    1. Abs and Bigger Buns
    2. Let go of Excess/Heavy Baggage
    3. Php 50,000+ Weekly Income
    4. Finish Architecture School???
    5. Talk to PEOPLE

    I hope we all achieve our goals this New Year =)

  12. Happy New Year! I hope so too! I hope your year will be great too !:) thank you for visiting!

  13. I hope you all get to follow through your intentions and achieve them this year! Happy New Year!

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