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How to Explore More In Summer

Warm weather is back in the air, and with it comes the sense of wanderlust that seems to strike us all.  This need to get out and see the world the moment it’s warm enough isn’t new: Vacation numbers have always gone up around the summer- but what do you do with this energy?  These are the top ways to spend your summer exploring and getting to know the world around you.

Sign Up For A Travel Group

If you aren’t sure what to do, you know you want to get out and try new things: consider joining a travel group!  These groups have laid out itineraries and are perfect for anyone who’s still learning how to travel alone.  Although the packages can be expensive, they often have unique containers that you can’t find anywhere else. In addition, traveling with a group of strangers gives you the chance to get to know new people and new locations simultaneously!

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of National Parks

National parks are more than just postcard fodder: they’re incredible places we should all get to know better.   Whether you want to walk on glaciers in Jasper National Park, or you’d like to get to know beautiful ski slopes in Whistler, there’s a national park for everyone.  These parks are a fantastic excuse to take a long road trip and an even better excuse to travel with your whole family.  You’ll fall in love with beautiful views, and want to start a new tradition to visit a different park every year.

Try A New Hobby You’ve Never Considered

What hobbies sound exciting, although you’d never thought of them more than in passing?  Beekeeping, bird watching, rock climbing, and even scuba lessons can be learned almost anywhere.  If you want to learn how to ski, you don’t have to look for real estate for sale in Whistler; many cities offer year-round courses!  

Get To Know People In Unconventional Ways

Everyone is more social in the summer since sunlight naturally boosts our moods and confidence.  Get out there and try to make friends and get to know strangers.  You can do this by joining social groups like book clubs, wine tasting, or tipsy painting courses.  Make it a goal to have a good conversation with a new person once or twice a week.  You don’t have to make all of these people friends for life, but learning about their life experiences can add to your own.

Make A Summer Bucket List

Unlike a traditional bucket list, which would last your entire lifetime, this bucket list would only last until the last warmth of summer is gone. Instead, consider everything you want to fit into the season and whether or not these are achievable goals for yourself.  Whether it’s getting into beekeeping, or learning how to garden, or a combination of the two: think about what inspires you to want to get outside and have fun.

You can view this bucket list as a to-do list, with the option of marking off one thing every week so that you have a full summer of fun and adventure.

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