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How Blogging Changed My Life

Blogging is one of the amazing things I’ve discovered that helped me in more ways than one. Yes, blogging has changed my life and I’m sharing with you how.  

Starting My Parenting & Lifestyle Blog

My blog, Mommy N’ More started more than 5 years ago. At that time, I just transitioned to being a stay-at-home mom and I thought blogging would keep me sane. (It definitely did!)

I’ve always loved writing so I thought I’d make something of my own. I honestly felt bad that people have that phrase “just a stay-at-home mom.” And so, I thought of the name Mommy N’ More.

As I recall, my very first post was about my labor story. And I think I also wrote about my pregnancy. Many succeeding ones were simply reflections of life and motherhood. I would just share parenting tips, self-care, and money-saving tips.

I think I even have a few posts about crochet and crafts.

Working with Notable Brands

As I slowly got the hang of it, I began collaborating with notable mommy and baby brands. I felt really excited and honored that I got to work with some of the best brands in the country.

Somehow, they were able to find me. I think being in a strong and visible network helped. 

I joined many fun and enjoyable events. And I even got to work with brands I grew up with!

Also, I got to feature some local brands established by mompreneurs. I think they’re supermoms, juggling business and motherhood. 

A few years ago, I was even part of a large group of parenting bloggers in Asia. I was able to have my work featured on their site. Needless to say, I was over the moon. 

Building A Mommy Community

Today, I’m so excited that my online community group is growing steadily. I’m able to connect with more moms. They would share some of their favorite recipes and tips to help other moms. 

Sometimes there would be games and giveaways too. Especially this time, when the world is in crisis, it’s just nice to chat with other moms even just virtually.

More Opportunities To Do What I Love

Up to now, I still feel so grateful about how far blogging has taken me. I was able to meet many wonderful mommy bloggers through this platform. 

It has given me a precious opportunity to connect with other moms too.

Moreover, it has open a lot of doors. Two years ago, I was able to work as the Head Writer for an established Singapore baby names website. I managed a small team of people and get the blogs up and optimized.

This job helped me learn more about making videos and newsjacking. Eventually, I find myself learning more about SEO (search engine optimization) and copywriting. 

These days, when I don’t homeschool my little girlie, you’d find me watching webinars and taking courses about these two things. 

Needless to say, I’ll always love blogging and I’ll be eternally grateful for all the joy it has given me. 

Are you an inspiring blogger? Do you dream of being an influencer who works with your favorite brands?

Well, I have a few tips for you. 

First, go for a specific niche that you love, something you can talk about for hours on end. Whether it’s gardening, crafts, or even minimalist fashion, go for it.

Second,  be consistent. It takes a while to build your online presence so take small concrete steps every day.

Lastly, come from a place of help. Once you’ve identified your niche, look for a specific group of people you want to connect with and help.

As I say, do what you love and share it with the world.


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