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Tupperware Brands Click Series Peeler Set + Spiralizer Review

 Peeling and slicing are probably two of the most tedious tasks in the kitchen. From skinning carrots to paring apples, every mom needs a handy and reliable utensil.I actually prefer using a knife to a peeler. Well, over the years, peelers have let me down.
Somehow, I just couldn’t find the right angle to peel the fruits and veggies I need. There have also been times when I’d almost cut myself trying to adjust my grip. It’s frustrating.Yes, a peeler might have saved me time but then I’d use so much energy and patience that a small handy knife became a much better option.
This is why I got excited about Tupperware Brands’ latest kitchen innovation: the Click Series Peeler set.  Tupperware products have always been part of our home but most of the ones we had were containers. Now, I wonder if their peeler set can compare to my ever reliable knife. 
* This post is brought to you by Tupperware Brands. All opinions are mine.
Tupperware Brands Click Series Peeler Set: 3 Peeler Heads + 1 Ergonomic Handle
The Click Series Peeler set consists of one ergonomic handle with three interchangeable and fun-colored peeler heads that can be attached or detached to the handle simply by pressing the one-release button.All these fit neatly in a sleek storage box. The components are also dishwasher safe.
Let’s take a closer look at the different peeler heads, shall we? Each is designed to cater to specific peeling needs.
The wide peeler head has an eight (8 cm) blade to thinly slice long and wide vegetables. This can make ribbons from cucumber or zucchini. Veggie lasagna, anyone?
On the other hand, the medium-sized universal head has a double sided blade: serrated for soft fruits (tomatoes and kiwis) and  straight  for hard fruits and veggies (carrots, parsnips, potatoes). It has a round potato eye remover on the side.
Meanwhile, the vertical head is for peeling hard or round fruits and vegetables. It can also be used for cheese or chocolate.Like the universal head, it has a potato eye remover.

Putting the Peelers to the Test

As you know, I am becoming more hands on in the kitchen, so I do the prep and cooking. I got to try using the peeler heads with different vegetables such as zucchini, carrots, sayote and potatoes. I also used the vertical peeler head to make some chocolate shavings. 
I cooked chicken curry primarily using the universal peeler head. My daughter loves chicken curry! 

Changing the Way I Peel

After using the Tupperware Brands Click Series Peeler set for several days, I think it has remarkably changed the way I feel about peelers and the way I peel my fruits and vegetables. I’ve got a lot of reasons why I’m loving this peeler system.

Here are the things I liked about the Click Series Peeler Set:
  • I didn’t have a hard time peeling the fruits and veggies. The blades were sharp. They glided easily and precisely. They able to handle the bumps and uneven parts of the veggies well.
  • The peelers come in a box so they won’t get lost in our drawer of assorted kitchen utensils.
  • It’s lightweight so my hands weren’t tired even after so much work.
  • The handle fits perfectly in my palm so it’s easy to work with. I could also hold on to it even when my palms were wet.
  • I could easily change the peeler head depending on what I needed. Plus the detachable heads can be attached and detached with ease– literally just a click! So cool!
  • Each peeler head was securely attached to the handle the whole time.
  • The eye remover was helpful in getting rid of the imperfections on the potatoes.
This Click Series Peeler set is regularly priced at P1,699. The great news is this month, they have a special offer at P1,299I honestly think it’s worth spending for a set that could be passed from one generation to the next.

 Check out this video!

Tupperware Brands Spiralizer : Swirl Up Your Veggies

Peeling and slicing may be taxing but garnishing dishes is tricky for most people. Well,Tupperware Brands has a simple and handy utensil to make dishes more exciting : the Spiralizer.


The great thing about this is that it is relatively easy to use and has no metal parts. You just stick it into the vegetable or fruit then keep turning. I made some potato swirls! You can get one for P169.

I am really happy that Tupperware Brands keeps innovating to come up with utensils that help mommies like me enjoy preparing meals for our family.
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  1. Louisa says:

    I love this peeler set as well. Peeling is smooth and easy. Also the way that it’s handy and compact is another plus. I have yet to try the spiralizer.

  2. thanks for the review.. i didn't know Tupperware has line of products like this because all I know is their plastic bowls..
    I think it's really fun to try that Spiralizer.. it's so cute

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