My MBP (Mommy Bloggers Philippines) Christmas Gift Swap Experience

Wow! It’s just a few days til Christmas! You’ve probably attended a few Christmas parties and exchanged gifts with your co-workers and friends. It’s really one of our favorite Christmas traditions. The thrill and excitement of opening presents brings out the kid in everyone.
Speaking of Christmas gifts, I recently participated in this year’s Mommy Blogger Philippines’ (MBP)  Christmas Gift Swap. MBP is a growing community of Filipino mothers who have a passion for blogging. It aims to help mommy bloggers broaden their horizons through group sharing, learning and blogging opportunities.




This Christmas, the inspiring and thoughtful women behind this group came up with a way for us members to get to know each other more while giving the tradition of exchanging gifts a twist. We got to swap gifts with other mommy bloggers who live all over the Philippines.  I thought it was a great opportunity to get to know other moms and their blogs so I was excited to join. We were to send something that represented us and our blogs that our gift swap partner would like. 

My MBP gift swap partner is Nina Sogue of I thought of sending her a journal since my blog is mostly reflections of my motherhood journey. I also crocheted a coffee sleeve for her since she loves coffee. Here’s the gift I sent:
Now, I’d like to talk about the gift I received and the mommy blogger who sent it to me. A few days ago, I received an elegantly wrapped gift from Louisa Mercado of As I was unwrapping her gift, I could sense the thought that she put into this box. Here’s what I received:
The gift came with a note that told me something about her and her blog.  She sent me Bo Sanchez’s book, “How to do the Impossible” because she encounters seemingly big challenges that she’s blessed to conquer. I was really happy to receive this because I’m a bookworm and I find Bo Sanchez and his books encouraging.  Unlike many authors, I feel like he is really talking to me instead of giving me a lecture. I am quite excited to start reading this book.
She also included a travel notepad, an MBP keychain, Vaseline instant fair lotion and a bar of Toblerone.  According to the note, she really likes to travel and considers Mommy Bloggers Philippines a major part of her life. I also consider this group a significant part of my life since it paved ways for me to meet new friends and learn more about blogging. 
As for the lotion, she said that she isn’t overly vain but having “fair white skin” is something she aims for. Meanwhile, the chocolate tells me that like me, she has a sweet tooth.
To be perfectly honest, I have met Mommy Louisa a few times before but haven’t had the chance to personally chat with her. When I received such an interesting mix of things from her, I got eager to learn more about her and her blog, Art of Being a Mom.
As I read through some of her posts, I could see why she was featured in Working Mom Magazine just a year after she started her blog and became a guest speaker at  the Diva Channel High Heeled Warriors Talk. Louisa is a high-spirited work at home mom of three.  Aside from maintaining her blog, she is the Events Manager of Mommy Bloggers Philippines.
Her blog captures the many facets of motherhood, family life and blogging. It covers a variety of topics from food to technology to events. I think it is also great that she gave her children their own corners in her blog: B’s Point of View, K’s Fashion and JL’s World. Here are some of the touching and quirky mommy /blogging moments I found on her blog :
Images are from and were used with permission.
What I love about her blog is that aside from the engaging and trending topics, she also shares her vulnerable side to her readers. She recently opened up about her personal struggles and I applaud her for her strength and commitment to her kids.  At the end of one of these fairly recent personal posts, she reminds herself, “ I  have to still be thankful. Thankful for my kids, their health, my health, abundant work, family and friends.” Like her, I firmly believe that counting our blessings is a great way  to achieve lasting happiness.
As the year ends, may we be thankful not only for the gifts we receive but for the many good people, blessings and opportunities that have come into our lives this year. I am surely thankful for Mommy Bloggers Philippines , to mommy Louisa, all the moments that make us all shine and this unique chance to get to know our co-mommy bloggers.
Our heartfelt gratitude also goes to these generous brands that are supporting this Christmas activity:


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