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Learning More About Alternative Healing at The Parenting Emporium

I recently attended a free parenting class at The Parenting Emporium which centered on natural remedies and alternative ways of healing. As a health professional, I was curious about the concept of using readily available and natural resources to prevent and even treat diseases.As a mom, I wanted to found out if I could use ingredients at home to help my child when she’s sick.
I’d like to share some of the things I learned during the class which given by Dr. Divina Hey-Gonzales, a homeopathic doctor.
During the first part of the class, she introduced the concept of life force which is also called chi, prana, vital force among others. It is important for the growth and development, memory, healing and immune function of the body.  

Disclaimer: The information contained in this post are in the spirit of sharing. They are not substitute for professional advice and followed at your own risk. When in doubt, always consult your doctor or an appropriate professional.
    A. How to Take Care of the Life force
  •          Rhythm
  •          Sleep 6-8 hours, deep sleep at midnight
  •       Biodynamic or organic food- this means food that is free from pesticide and synthetic fertilizer
  •     Alkaline water pH 8-11
Because of stress and pollutants, our bodies are often acidic so alkaline water helps balance the pH. Alternative medicine suggests that an alkaline body environment is needed to achieve optimal health and fight cancer.
  •          Sun exposure
       According to Dra Hey-Gonzales, both morning and noon sun are beneficial to our health. Morning sun helps in the production of Vitamin d while staying even 5 minutes under the noon sun contributes to the increase of serotonin levels.
  •         Magnesium from the sea
Magnesium is responsible for the relaxation of the muscles. When we are stressed, our muscles are often contracted.The crystals that form when we come out of the sea water are magnesium and should be left temporarily for absorption.
  •   Himalayan Salt
This improves the systemic pH and hydration
    B.  How to detoxify the body
  •         Juicing
  •        Oral virgin coconut oil
  •        Coffee enema
  •   Sweating from exercise and steam bath
  •         Water therapy
  •         Intermittent fasting
  •   Intravenous Glutathione

 C.  What to eat


Healthy Oils: Virgin Coconut Oil, Ghee, Free range butter, Fish Oil, Krill Oil
Healthy Carbs: Fruits (local fruits in season), whole grain
Healthy Protein: Fish, Free range chicken, Free range beef, lamb, nuts on trees and not under the ground, variety of vegetables
   D.Simple Home Remedies
Ø Fever
When the person has fever and chills with a temperature of less than 38.5 C (Phase 1), youwrap him or her with blankets and put hot water bottle on soles of feet and tummy.  A steam bath can elevate the temperature which stimulates the immune system of the body.
Having fever means your body is fighting the infection. Conventional medicine (antipyretics) cut this process by lowering the temperature.
During the second phase, when the temperature is more than 38.5 C, the feverish individual needs sponge bath, cold compress on the head and hydration.
Ø Common Cold
The common onion helps relieve the common cold.  We only need to chop one then add 2 tablespoon of honey.  Leave the solution for a few minutes then take the syrup extract.
I am glad I was able to attend this parenting class and learn about other ways to take care of my own and my family’s health. I also got samples from Cradles and by Cycles Mild Laundry Detergent for Babies and Cradle Natural, the sponsors. I’m doing a review of some of their products soon.
Towards the end of the class, Dr. Hey-Gonzales touched on infant nutrition as well. She said that children’s taste buds aren’t fully developed until they are 3 to 4 years of age. Salt and sugar destroy their taste buds. They should only have fruits as their something sweet and no table sugar.
Well, I should remember this the next time my toddler wants a taste of my dessert!

How bout you? Are you interested in alternative healing or other parenting classes? You can visit The Parenting Emporium for more details:


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