Mommies Are VIPs at Mother’s Day Movie Screening

I was recently invited to the VIP screening of the movie Mother’s Day at the Podium. Since I could bring a mommy friend, I brought my dear friend Mishi of etc handmade goodness.
I’d like to tell you that we were two calm and collected guests during the event but to be perfectly honest is it was more of a fish out of water experience. Since, it was our first time at such an event, we weren’t aware of the flow of activities. We were at the cinema quite early thinking that the movie would start promptly at 4 pm. It turned out, there were photoops and cocktails before the movie starts . Several movie celebrities and their families graced the event.

With beautiful celebrity mommies Ms. Ara Mina, Say Alonzo and Jan Marini
 ActreNikki Valdez with her family

* Photos courtesy of Octoarts International Facebook page

We, on the other hand, just had pizza shortly before “movie time”. I was glad to see some familiar faces among the bloggers and was able to chat with them for a bit.They were either with their moms or mommy friends.In the end, my friend and I just had some dessert and water.
Regardless of the seemingly awkward experience, I am grateful to have joined this event.I was able to spend some time with my friend, enjoy 2 seconds of fame and of course, watch a great feel good Gary Marshall movie.

Thank you Octoarts Film International and the sponsors for the memorable experience.
Speaking of which, it is now in cinemas all over the country!  If you weren’t able to hang out with your mom last Mother’s day weekend, why don’t you treat her to this must-watch movie tomorrow?
I think it’ll make you appreciate the VIP in our lives we call mom/ mommy/ mama/nanay/ inay more. Enjoy!




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  1. This looks like it was so much fun! I also learned how these things worked when I attended a similar screening way back when. Didn't realize there were photo ops and food served and all that. It's always nice catching up with bloggers friends at events.

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