An Hour and a Half of Healing Palm

Christmas is said to be the most wonderful time of the year.However, the Christmas rush and preps can also be quite overwhelming. As mommies, we also need to take a break and maybe a  get a massage from time to time.
In my case, I got an hour an a half of pure massage bliss! But first let me tell you about the spa and hot palms.
A few weeks ago, I discovered a spa called Healing Palm spa on Mindanao Avenue. It is one of several beauty and food establishments at Rock Plaza.

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Unlike other spas, the interior is plain and simple. The rooms are lit with yellow light.

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The first time I went there, I was curious about something called “Hot palms”.  You see, some of their services such their Swedish and 4 in 1 Signature massage, include this intriguing and unique  add on option so I just had to try it.Wanting to step a little out of my comfort zone, I availed of their Swedish with Hot Palms (P380).For about 15 exquisite mins, I got to experience their hot palms. I can’t tell you exactly what was on my back but I could describe it to you. It felt like my back was being lightly rolled on by something so warm and so soothing I could feel myself drifting to lala land haha. Life is good. With a hot palms massage, it’s even better.

After my hour long swedish massage , my masseuse offered a cup of ginger tea and some hot towels to cleanse off the massage oil. As I sipped my tea and listened to the relaxing instrumental music, I contemplated how much tip is appropriate to give to someone whose hands tirelessly massaged away the tension in my shoulders and back.Needless to say, I was happy. Happy people are more generous.
I am someone who is piqued by exotic sounding things so the second time I went there, I wanted to try one with Lomi Lomi.Actually, their Lomi Lomi is part of their 4 in 1 signature massage (Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai and Lomi lomi).I was familiar with the others but it was myfirst time to hear Lomi Lomi.I just know Lomi, the Chinese noodle dish hehe. The receptionist then  explained that this was a Hawaiian technique that involves massaging with the forearm.
I wondered how that would feel like.As I got to experience it for the first time, I was quite uncomfortable for a few minutes to be honest.I’m used to gentle and this rather different from the others because it involved heavy solid and continuous strokes that go deeply to remove knots of tense muscles. Eventually though, I got to take pleasure in the moment.

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After some time, I got into a relaxed state and by the end of the hour and a half long session, I was smiling to myself, happy and content. I was ready to get back into the holiday groove.

What happened next made ecstatic! I prepared P550 as payment and the receptionist informed me that I just need to pay P495 since I was there on a Thursday afternoon. You see, they offer a 10% discount on their signature massage and swedish with hot palm from Monday to Thursday afternoon ( 1 to 5 pm)

What I love:
 price range (P350 to P550 on massages)
warm ambiance
instrumental music
friendly staff
ginger tea and hot towels
foot bath before a massage
offers packages (body scrubs + body massage)
What needs work:
 there is no add on aromatherapy

You can check out their Facebook page for more details:

So, if you feel like the your never ending Christmas list is stressing you out or just want an hour to yourself, go and try their massage on a weekday! You’d be feeling generous not just this Christmas but all year round!

Btw, what’s the most interesting massage technique you’ve tried? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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  1. Must try this!!! Been finding a place to destress!

  2. I want the relaxing body massage in a spa. The rates here are affordable and looks neat.

  3. This looks very enticing! I love!!!!!! We all need a little pampering every once in a while.

  4. Oh my! I'm imagining how relaxing it feels! Nakakainggit! I need a massage now! as in now! =D

  5. Ahhh I badly need a massage! Thanks for reminding me heheh

  6. Wow! I would love to pamper myself someday. I would definitely put this on my bucket list. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Me and my colleagues are planning to go to spa and have a massage. Thanks for this informative post.

  8. I'd love to have a whole body massage right now! Oh, that reminds me, I have a GC from The Spa. Gotta book for a massage session soon. — Maria Teresa Figuerres

  9. Wow! I love the ambiance of this place, looks interesting. I want to experience this, moms need this too 🙂

  10. Awww it must be heaven to experience that massage! That makes me want to go to lala Land as well lol.

  11. Interesting! =)

  12. Reasonable price. The place looks good as well. 🙂

  13. Nakakarelax talaga mag pa massage. Mild lang gusto ko.. I can't book one yet as I'm expecting hehe.

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