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Biocair Disinfectant Pocket Spray Review + Giveaway

I have a toddler. So you could imagine why I could be a germophobe at times. My daughter likes touching surfaces, opening doors and occasionally enjoys crawling on the floor. Thankfully, she hasn’t had stomach problems yet but as a mom, I’m always on the lookout for natural and effective products that would help wipe out germs. Antiseptic vs Disinfectant: …

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First Time Parents Workshop Series on September 2 and 9

Parenting can be overwhelming especially for first time parents. I remember feeling frazzled about the smallest things. I was actually scared of giving my baby a bath  so for the longest time, my husband was the one who did it. If you’re expecting your bundle of joy soon, it would be  good idea to attend informative seminars such as the …

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