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Need Sleep ? 3 Scientifically & Personally Tested Ways to Get More ZZZZZs

Many of us probably have had issues with sleep. Due to our sleep habits, work schedules and worries we sometimes find it difficult to get a shuteye. I thought I’d share three of the best methods I have read about, tried, and found helpful in getting people some much needed zzzzs. First, the 478 breathing technique. Last year, I saw an …

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MomME Time

MBP’s Christmas Party 2015: Definitely an Affair to Remember!

Last December 5,2015,  I was thrilled to attend a fun and significant event in my blogging experience: Mommy Blogger’s Philippines’ Christmas Party 2015. Before I share about the party, I just wanted to share why it stands out in my book.Personally, as a breastfeeding mom, it was the first time in 8 months that I was away from my little …

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