Hey there, mommy!

I know parenting can be chaotic. Like you, there are days I feel like I’m just trying to get my head above water and days when I feel like my patience is wearing thin. But then, we do our best not just to survive but to thrive. After alll, mommyhood is 24/7.

Here,  I’ll feature some insights to handle common issues we have. I’ll be sharing “Things I Wish I Knew Before” from breastfeeding to toddler parenting. Most advice will come from my personal experiences but some may be from research or other mommies. I’ll also have some fun ideas for “MomME Time”!

Hopefully, you could find some ideas to make your life as a mom easier and more enjoyable! As parents though, we need to remember that we know our children best and each child is unique. As always, please do what feels right for your child.

 You can do this mommy! It’s just a piece of cupcake!


New Mommy


Toddler Tantrums

Clingy Toddler


Sleep Deprivation

Feeling Overwhelmed

Looking Good


Taking Care of Yourself