3 Good Reasons to Do Jigsaw Puzzles with Your Kids

My daughter has recently become fascinated with jigsaw puzzles. Although she’s very young, I think she finds the shapes and colors very interesting. As for me, I’m quite fond of jigsaw puzzles, although it’s been awhile since I did one (that’s more than 20 pieces). Last week, we got her a box that has four puzzles showing some familiar nursery …

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Home Life

Hello Pal: Learning A Foreign Language Just Got More Fun and Interactive

I’m a polyglot wannabe.    For the longest time, I’ve dreamed of being able to speak in several languages. Why? For one, I love to visit interesting places and learn other cultures. Knowing another language is a big plus in traveling. I think it is also really advantageous career-wise for someone to be proficient in more than one language. Plus, …

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