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5 Fun and Creative Ways To Celebrate Love

  It’s official! We are a few days into February! Love is in the air! This means a lot of people are thinking about ways to spend Valentine’s Day. Well, if you’re going for something different this year, you’re in luck! This list doesn’t include your typical romantic candlelit-dinner-and-a-movie kind of date. The great thing is you can do these for dates not just for Valentines. Of course, some chocolate and a bouquet  of flowers would be icing on the cake.
Want to keep the sparks alive? Here are pretty unconventional ways you can celebrate love as a couple:
Volunteer at a local charity. Helping out together can be a powerful bonding experience for you as a couple. Plus, it doesn’t cost much, just your time, effort and perhaps transportation expenses. Ivolunteer Philippines has various volunteer opportunities this month such as feeding, tutoring and storytelling sessions.
Run or Jog together.  You can go on a jog around the neighborhood or even join a run or marathon. There are good reasons why you need to consider this idea:  fitness, shared goals and endorphin high.  Takbo Ph has an awesome list of runs couples, friends and even families can do in this season of love. 
Enjoy a Progressive Dinner. You can eat appetizers in one food stall, have your main course in another and finish dessert somewhere else. A simpler way to do this, I think, would be to go to a food park. You can even go food park hopping!
Go Glamping. Short for glamorous camping, glamping means having the best of both worlds –nature trip and the comforts of home. Being together in a comfy tent with your beloved away from all the stress might just be the exquisite date you’ve been waiting for. SpotPH features ten great clamping spots in the country.
Go on a hunt together. This can be a bargain hunt, book hunt, dessert hunt or treasure hunt. Adventurous couples can even try geocaching. This is an outdoor recreational activity which uses GPS (Global Positioning System) in hunting for “treasures”. Participants use coordinate to search for a waterproof container (geocache) which may contain things of personal value to the finder. Just check out Geocaching for more information.





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  1. Volunteering for a local charity is a nice idea and jogging too, bat di ko naisip yon. Thanks for the lovely tips.

  2. Thanks for all the great tips. We can't do the jogging because of our schedule. What we love to do is to eat our Fave comfort foods.

  3. we used to do jogging together before he went to other countries to work. It is a simple way to keep you stay fit and talk with each other

  4. My only problem with food parks is the lack of parking space…

  5. I think I'd go for glamping! Its gonna be fun and exciting! 🙂

  6. Great ideas! Valentine's day is my mom's birthday too so we usually celebrate it with her. 🙂

  7. This is the first time I've heard of the term "progressive dining" although we've been doing the concept for a long time! It's much more exciting than eating in just one restaurant, right? Thanks for all these ideas!

  8. Great list! I want to try geocaching. I've read it in a blog also before. It seems like a real adventure. Plus also the progressive dining. Love that!

  9. Hubby and I normally don't go out on Valentine's Day. But if we were to try something from your list it would be to eat a progressive dinner. We love food!

  10. My husband and I have date nights/days every week. We take a big couple trip that lasts 22 to 24 days once a year. This one we plan for months. We also take individual trips so we can stI'll enjoy time with our respective selves. I love how my husband work around our schedules to really make time for spending time with each other.

  11. I like the idea of jogging together as an activity couples can do not only on Valentine's Day on their journey to being fit. Two bodies are definitely better than one. — Maria Teresa Figuerres

  12. great tips to keep the love burning. I prefer these activities than going to the mall and dine in one place.

  13. I have both! I love the lipstick! I just dab a bit of powder to give it a matte look! 🙂 I'd love to volunteer at a local charity!

  14. Oh, I love February! Not only because it is the LOVE month, but more so because it is my BIRTH month! Hubby and I really enjoy doing that progressive dinner thing as we really love to try one menu after another! Haha takaw lang talaga! 🙂 would really live to try glamping next time, though! 🙂

  15. Your post makes me want to do something unique for Valentine's Day.

  16. jogging is my choose
    walang gastos plus may healthy benefits pa
    love the list

  17. I wanna try glamping, but I'm not really the outdoor person. Lol! No plans yet for V-Day, but these tips would come in handy 🙂

  18. Creative indeed. 🙂 love the list. The volunteering and the other unique ways to celebrate love month. How I wishe I were ìn the Philippinnes for this month. Haha it's forbidden ( not so commercialized) to celebrate it in KSA, just like Christmas. Your list would have been a great way for people to bond as a couple. 🙂

  19. I'd love to jog or run with my hubby except that he's not into that stuff! We do walk around the neighborhood at night so maybe that counts. 🙂

  20. These are great ideas! I especially like the volunteering and the progressive dinner parts.

  21. Great ideas! Volunteering in a local charity has been one of my goals and I wanted to do it with my family when the time comes that my children are already mature enough. Anyway, my husband and I haven't planned anything yet. I'm too lazy to plan anything nowadays. Blame it on the preggy hormones! Hahaha

  22. I like the Glamping! Glamorous camping! Sakto dito sa Sydney because they encourage everyone for outdoor trips. Sabay baon ng food. Tipid! 😉

  23. As for my husband and I, we'll most likely just have dinner at home. V-day fell on a weekday eh!

  24. Ah yes, Valentine's Day! Haha! These are pretty exciting ways on celebrating your Valentine's Date with your partner! I myself is really not much of a fan of Valentine's Day hahaha!

  25. Great recommendations. 🙂 We actually go to the park when we can with our 2 year old, there we eat and eat. Great thing we have food stalls and we have a lot of choices for dinner. It is a simple activity but we get to bond with each other.

  26. Ah yes, I think I ordered before from tupperware some of their personal collections. I too was a fan of tupperware and we are using the products until now. It's sturdy and worth the price!

  27. I love Tupperware brands and I've been a pioneer dealer since the Sara Lee days While I am still a student. I believe in quality products that is why I love using and selling them too. Anyways, your ideas are cool and for Valentine's I am also planning of having a food crawl and food parks are good places to do this. Happy hearts day.(Macy)

  28. I haven't thought of anything special to do on Vday yet and this post came in handy. Thanks!

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