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Gelatin Days

When I was growing up, we moved around a lot. I was what many Filipinos would describe as NPA (No Permanent Address). By the time I was in highschool, I had gone through five different schools. It was because of my parents’ job.
       One of the troubles of hopping from one place to another aside from the hassle of relocating is losing things from home. My mom’s once considerable collection of Tupperware items has dwindled into just several pieces of ladles and a few containers. You see, my mom is a big fan of anything practical and reliable that’s why she bought a lot of these products. We had a picnic set, lunch boxes and an assortment of food storage containers.
       Thankfully, among the ones that survived the constant move is this round yellow gelatin mold. It originally came with detachable bottom covers that had fancy shaped figures like  a heart , a star and a Christmas tree.
This gelatin mold reminded me of afternoons spent with my siblings eagerly waiting for the gelatin to settle and cool so we can eat it and the hesitation to spoon the gelatin because sometimes it looked too pretty to eat, especially with milk and raisins. Yummy! My mom would buy these long sponge-like bars of various colors and slowly dissolve them in low heat. She would then add some sugar and other exciting ingredients like vanilla and fruit cocktail. During special occasions, she’d serve them as dessert because they were easy to make and usually a hit among us kids.
Right now, the only gelatin cover we have remaining at our family home is one with a Christmas tree figure. Looking at it made me feel sentimental. It’ll be ten years this year that my mom hasn’t spent Christmas in the country. I suddenly miss those carefree gelatin days with her and the rest of my family. I am happy though that my mom’s Tupperware weathered those moves with us. We’ve had our fair share of storms but I’m grateful those gelatin days remain unsullied in my mind.  Tupperware will always remind me of happy times with my family. Perhaps, I should start making gelatin for my family this Christmas too.
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