Wohooo! Wushu!

In the midst of my first wushu taolu class, I asked myself, ” Why am i doing this again? Oh right, I wanted to torture myself! ” The first few poses  reminded me of yoga, except my thighs were not used to that kind of intense stretching. I could imagine my muscle fibers stretched out like coconut strips. After a few kicks ( or attempts) they were crying for mercy.  Our tormentor a.k.a instructor was determined to make us martial artists like him. (Ummm, probably not in in this lifetime ) He was to me, the male version of Chun Lee, agile and graceful. However,  he looked  more like a cute anime character rather than a streetfighter. He would ask us to bend lower than our backs would normally allow or kick higher than Cancan dancers do. He doesn’t directly ask us of course, but his demos would compel us to do so. Well, he probably started at birth so, it’s best to just observe when you know your limits hehe. 
The Chinese melodies in the background did little to relieve everyone of their agony. But instead of “ouch” you’d hear people laughing their frustration and intimidation away. I was laughing too, thinking to myself, “This is ridiculous!! Seriously, are we really going to do that move?. I couldn’t help but notice drops of a guy participant’s sweat dripping on the floor that someone had to come and mop it off. It was hard labor. It was discipline. But amazingly, the mood was light. Maybe it’s because nobody was dreaming to be a Jackie Chan or Zang Ziyi. We knew that this was more of a workout rather than self defense. We looked hilarious trying to modify the moves to the angulation that our joints would allow. If only you could see us, you’d be amazed at how high our spirits were in contrast to how low our kicks were. Some people have been joining the class and were a quite ahead in doing the forms. 
For me, at first, it was hard to focus at coordinating my arms and my legs to the right position. I was thankful for yoga taught me to balance myself though it didn’t teach me how to come up from bending down that one leg you’re standing on. But, I was quite impressed by a lady in a red shirt who was able to do the split after attending this class for about a month. Wow!  And she was friendly too, telling me that eventually, I’d get the hang of it. Maybe, if I have audacity to come back next Sunday for round two of my brain vs. my muscles. As I walked down a flight of stairs, I can feel those muscles rebelling about what I did to them. I could just imagine what soreness tomorrow brings.
I walked down Session road with a candy melting on my mouth, feeling as if I just made a Kung fu film.  It felt good trying something new and interesting. I was oblivious to the raindrops and passersby. Perhaps it was serotonin kicking in. I think it was from laughing my butt off rather than the wushu.  =)
* Note: This was written when I was still living in Baguio City.

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  1. Sounds cool! I'm always afraid to join learning groups like this because my hands and feet coordination are so off. Haha. I'd be the awkward girl who cannot follow the moves.

  2. You should be really proud of yourself for being able to finish this new activity with a positive mind. Some would just complain all the way how hard it was. But you made it sound interesting. Maybe the lady was right; eventually you'll get the hang of it after a few more sessions.

  3. Sounds interesting! I also want to try this kind of martial arts so I can burn all the pizza and donuts haha!:)

  4. Being a yoga instructor and practitioner, I found this interesting to read because yoga and martial arts are "sisters" in a way. What we have in common from your post it seems is learning flexibility, although the method of teaching differs. There is less forcing in yoga. I've always wanted to try some martial arts, but after reading this I'm
    quite scared hahaha

  5. Wushu was just an expression to me. Like when I don't believe something that was said to me… I say "wushuuuu! kunwari ka pa!" — something like that. Hahaha! I never thought na mala-yoga pala ito. Hihi. Thanks to your post!

  6. I feel like my body would cry out for help when i'll try this. But i guess, i need to try something i can sweat a lot too!

  7. I love how you shared your experience, haha! You're right, you will hear (rather feel) the responses of your muscles and joints from the wushu workout. Go for round 2!

  8. I should try Wushu sometime, seems like an interesting way to keep fit.

  9. Would love to try this. I used to do Judo. Hehe

  10. I have a guy friend who does wushu, and he's very flexible. If only I have the time, I'd love to try this too just for bragging rights. 😛

  11. Wushu! This sounds super interesting!

  12. Wushu! I don't think I'm gonna do it anytime soon. Specially after reading your posts..

  13. OMG! This is a great post indeed. I'll try this workout!! Thank you for sharing xx


  14. Got me curious if I'll be able to do split after a month! My cousin is into wushu but not as a workout. He already competes.

  15. Nice read. I won't do this workout. Haha! Just kidding, of course! I'm intrigued on Wushu but I'm sure I'm not gonna last a session. 🙂

  16. Wushu~Wushu! I've heard it from my Chinese students, didn't know we have it here in Ph. I want to try it! 🙂

  17. I really want to try wushu since I was young because it looks really awesome hahaha, hopefully I can do that this coming summer

  18. I thought it's an impression. Wushu! HAHAHA. It's a kind of workout pala, now i know. It seems interesting.

  19. I thought wushu was just only an expression. Haha. Now i know that it's a kind of workout too. Seems interesting.

  20. I'm not really into workouts, or any physical activity. But maybe I'll give it a go

  21. WUSHU! LOL. No pain no gain, so goes the saying. You will get the hang of it and then you will look for it.

  22. I've never even heard of this workout but now I wanna try it! Thanks for sharing.

  23. I have heard about Wushu in most Chinese related films and somehow they associate it with kung Fu … now it intrigues me how this wushu works.. hopefully i could try this martial art soon.. it's actually a dream for me to learn martial arts ever since I was a kid haha (thanks to Karate Kid)

  24. It's always fun to do something unusual ano? I would love to try this basta for the sake of trying lang hehehe

  25. Wow, wushu! I don't know a local place that teaches wushu but I'd really love to learn it.

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