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Sharing a Love for Amigurumi


Before love month ends, let me share to you something I’m passionate about.If you’ve been following this blog for some time now, you’ll know that I am into crochet.I enjoy crochet very much for several reasons  that I shared in a previous post. I also mentioned that I am a member of Crochet Addict Philippines (Crochet Addict Philippines) whose main project is making beanies for children with cancer.

A day before Valentine’s we dropped by Eat Art Gig in Katipunan to see my Crochet Addict Philippines sister, Neiel of Gantsilyo Manila.She is into Amigurumi and does commissioned work. She describes  herself on Instagram as  ” Architect by day, Gantsilyo Ninja by night”.She was one of the 30 merchants at Eat Art Gig’s Valentine Bazaar. It’s been awhile since we last so each other so it was fun chatting for a bit. 
Amigurumi is a  Japanese term that means knitting and crocheting stuffed dolls. It is from ami which means knitted and guirumi which translates as stuffed doll. Amigurumi is usually in the shape of animals, but these days they it comes in all shapes and sizes.
Amigurumi is becoming very popular.It is crochet that is familiar to a lot of young people because of the dolls are usually inspired by  anime and cartoon characters.

Speaking of ami, the winner of my yarn giveaway last month, Edhz, also made an teddy bear from the yarn she won. She happens to be a CAP member as well. Isn’t it adorable?

Photo credit
She also made a minion for her son.

Photo credit
To see more of her work, you can visit  her page on Facebook: Edhz & Indie Crochet & Craft.
As for me, I am still trying getting the hang of it. I’ve made two dolls, both owls. The first one had lopsided wings and visible polyfiber filling. I was quite disappointed because it was a simple pudgy owl. Unfortunately, I used milk cotton yarn which stretches unlike acrylic.
The second one was mainly based on a christmas owl on youtube. I just changed it up a bit.
Are you curious how my second owl turned out?
Here she is!

Not bad for a newbie huh?:) This little owl makes me smile. I made it for my daughter’s owl-themed first birthday!
The whimsical world of amigurumi is  just waiting to be explored.If you’re already into crochet, l think you just need to learn three techniques first: single crochet , increasing & decreasing stitches and crocheting in the round.
Interested in a class?  Neiel will be having an ami workshop next month. For more info you can checkout her instagram  @gantsilyo_mnl for details.
So, if you knew how to make ami, what would you make first?


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  1. Aaaayyy. Ang cute.

    Pwede kaya yung mukha ko ang magantsilyo? Posible kaya yun?

  2. Yeah I'm positive you'll enjoy it.She's very friendly.Crochet is easier than knitting I think

  3. Yeah I'm positive you'll enjoy it.She's very friendly.Crochet is easier than knitting I think

  4. Thank you forthe appreciating!I have a lot of Pinterest patterns too haha no time

  5. Thank you forthe appreciating!I have a lot of Pinterest patterns too haha no time

  6. Blog sharing provides a window to the world of diverse and interesting tastes.Crochet is one of them.I never knew about it.I am sure there would be an Indian chapter also of crochet.

  7. I love it! it's so creative and looks adorable! Pikachu and minion are my favorites 🙂

  8. I never tried ami crochet yet but I have a lot of pins from Pinterest for the free patterns of ami that I am planning to make. Sobrang kulang lang talaga sa time! Andame ko pa nga pending projects. Your owl ami is so cute!!!!

  9. You guys are amazing! I want a Pikachu for myself. Keep Crocheting!!


    Carlo of

  10. Aww. I like the minion! My nephew would be crazy if he sees it. It's a nice hobby. To this techno era, it's nice to know girls that are into craft. Me, i like designing my planner with washis and other craft stuff. 🙂

  11. This is one unique hobby. The last time I remembered doing this was way back highschool! yay! You're pretty great at it. I love how you did the minion. Kuhang kuha! 🙂

  12. Way too cute!!! All of them, but I like the L-O-V-E most and the owl too. And oh, my son would go cray with that minion!

  13. The Pikachu one is adorable. I have a friend who is obsessed with Pikachu paraphernalia. Her entire room is a yellow explosion. She would definitely love adding that to her collection.
    -Gino of

  14. Very unique!! I have never known anyone to crochet cartoons before. I want a BB-8 now though. I love that droid he made the movie for me. Your owl is cute and very good!! Keep up the great work!!

  15. They are so cute…and the amount of technical skill required iam sure is very high…would love to learn this art form sometime

  16. This is something I wanted to learn so much… I actually bought a starter kit already but haven't found time to do it. I think it requires serious concentration eh..

  17. These are brilliant and it's great to see the traditional Japanese artform fused with the modern anime characters. The finished dolls are amazing and of course they would last longer than the commercial dolls. There is big market for this and you could certainly make some kids happy at christmas with a minion or two.

  18. Thank you so much.Yes it's inspired by a BB8! It's an online group but I hope we have meetups soon.

  19. Thank you so muchThe pattern calls for crocodile stitch which you can find on youtube.I just attached the wings and eyes.

  20. The minion looks really cute! Actually, I've always wanted to try knitting after I've gone crazy with the friendship bracelet. But I never got around to learning though, I'd probaby go crazy over it too once I learn how to do it. I'm gonna go check out Neiel's workshop. Maybe I can enroll myself.

  21. Cool! Thanks for sharing, i hope i can learn this too soon, 🙂


  22. Yes.It's a very relaxing hobby. 🙂

  23. So cool! My mom taught me to knit but I don't know if I still know how to haha. Have you tried knitting ami? There are great patterns around

  24. They look so adorable!!! I love the minion!!! Thank you for sharing xx

  25. That is so nice. And that is called crochet?

  26. How sweet , gorgeous photos . I love that minion 🙂 A lovely post <3

  27. Holy cow! Is that a BB-8 in her photo? I want… no NEEEEED one! I'm going to have to go scouting now for the pattern! That owl is adorable too! My family has an obsession with Owls (Our name rhymes). Too adorable. Does your crochet group meet regularly or is it online? I would love in my area finding something like that.


  28. The owl you made is so, so, cute! With those big eyes and the pink body color. It looks very difficult to make, do you crochet it in one piece and then tie it together in a shape?

  29. Your owl crochet is so cute! I have tried this craft before because we were required to do this for our high school group club so I have an idea that this is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of effort, time and focus.

    ♡ Louise |

  30. You are so talented!!! I remember when i was in grade school, my grandmother did my crochet proj for me coz i had a hard time doin it hehe. Your works are amazing 🙂

  31. You are so talented!!! I remember when i was in grade school, my grandmother did my crochet proj for me coz i had a hard time doin it hehe. Your works are amazing 🙂

  32. Wow these are really cute crafts! My auntie is into Crocheting too and she used to make Sweaters, bottle covers, pouches and more (she also accept MTOs occasionally). But what really make your crafts more amazing is the fact that you are also doing these crafts for such a great cause! Keep it up and more power to you guys! God may always bless you!

  33. Those were really nice and wonderful hand crafted pieces of arts… i admire people who are into crocheting… it means they have enormous dose of patience and passion for what they do 🙂 keep it up!

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