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13 Practical Business Tips From My First Webinar Experience

In line with my mantra this year, “more experiences, fewer things” I decided to attend my first ever web seminar or webinar. Honestly speaking, I hadn’t known such workshops existed before I saw a Facebook ad about it. I don’t consider myself a technically inclined person, you see, but I am open to learning something different every day. I am also thinking about starting a business so I needed some expert opinions in this area. Anyway, I promptly registered for this free webinar from Manila Workshops entitled, ” Preparing Yourself and Making Business Ideas Happen”. I was lucky because it got sold out days before the webinar.
So, last Saturday afternoon in my comfy house clothes, with a laptop on the bed and my trusty business planner, I clicked on a link that connected me to an audio seminar with two respected business leaders and bloggers, Ms. Ginger Arboleda and  Mr. Bum Gutierrez. It recommended a headset but the signal and audio were good enough so I didn’t need one.
At first, I was unsure about what to do and how the webinar would go about so I just listened. I had  actually wanted to ask some questions during the middle of the seminar but I only discovered the button for queries on the upper right side at the latter part of the session. Nevertheless, I was able to ask the speaker to recap the gist of how to prepare oneself for entrepreneurship with assessing one’s FITTness level.Here it is with some key points:
 * Assess your financial condition first
* Use a system to track your income and expenses for at least 6 months before jumping into a business
* Be clear in your objectives for starting a business (e.g. for children’s education)
* Have a parachute fund to cover your business until  the return of investment and emergency fund just in case untoward incidents happen in your family life ( e.g.critical illness)
* You need to look at what you are passionate about
* Have you learned all there is in your day job?
* What do you want to achieve?
Timing in your personal life
* Are you ready to adjust your lifestyle?
* Is there a major change happening in your life?
* Is your business plan aligned with family
* How is your health?
Timing in business
*You need to know when it is time to expand the business , stop or continue in the same direction
* At some point, you will need “enablers” who would help you fulfill your business objectives
I must say, I enjoyed joining the seminar.Being a stay at home mom, webinars are convenient for me since it allows me something else, such as breastfeeding which I’d be self conscious about in a live group seminar. Furthermore, it is also easy to ask questions because you don’t have to stand up and be recognized in front of an audience unlike in other seminars that I’ve attended. In short, attending a webinar is a great way for busy people like working and stay at home moms to learn in real time without the hassles of joining a live seminar such as commuting, dressing up formally, asking questions in front of an audience, etc.
Well, in case you’re opting to find work instead of starting a business, you might need help making a resume. I loved Online Resume Builder’s Resume Resource for Students.

How about you? Have you ever attended a webinar or would you consider joining one? Feel free to share your experiences/ learning!

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  1. Yes they are very convenient and quite affordable too.

  2. This one was free. The one tonight was P250 for a 2 hour seminar.

  3. It looks interesting, never tried this one

  4. Yes I think they have upcoming business related seminars this month.

  5. How much did you pay for this one? I have attended a free webinar one time, under rafflecopter, it was great too. I hope to attend more this years

  6. Indeed webinars are a great help for stay-at-home moms who would like to learn and explore more. Havent tried it yet but will definitely join one if there's a schedule. Thanks for this.

  7. I've never attended a webinar before also. Interesting!

  8. I've never attended a webinar before. That one with Martine sounds promising. I've attended some of her workshops in the past.

  9. I haven't tried "attending" a webinar. XD

  10. Never tried webinars before and its cool pala hehe. Will check this out. 🙂

  11. I love webinars! Makes learning easy and comfy. Will check out the second one you mentioned. 🙂

  12. Webinars are a great way to learn without leaving home! Also topics can be diverse. I'm interested in the blogging one by Martine.

  13. Cool. I never tried webinar before but after I had read this post, I will surely give it a try 'coz I like to learn more about business and improve myself.

  14. Sayang I didn't know about this until now! I hope they have more upcoming webinars like this one!

  15. Nice! I guess I have to wait for more webinars like this from Manila Workshops, especially now that I don't live in Manila anymore. I didn't know they already have this kind of seminars. Thank you!

  16. Oh! That webinar is so interesting. I am used to attend at live seminars and haven't experienced webinar yet. I should visit the manila workshop asap.

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