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Missin Baguio this Christmas

I suddenly miss Baguio, the city that I love.
It’s just nine days til Christmas day and everyone is abuzz with gifts and parties. But in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holidays some of us get the feeling of nostalgia. In one quiet moment and without warning, we feel  the holiday blues settling in. In my case,  seeing pics of the sunset from home captured by my sister in law a several days ago made me feel a bit sad. 


The views are beautiful, aren’t they? Watching the sun set reminds us to cherish the finite hours we have in a day and perhaps reflect on how we’ve spent it .
I had lived in Baguio for about 10 years before I got married. Having lived for a decade there, I feel a certain connection to the city that makes me miss certain things about it especially during the Christmas season.
The cool temperature this month would make you enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate even more. I dunno why but being in Baguio makes drinking this beverage a lot more special.Maybe it’s appreciating the warmth it brings with every sip.

my foodie sister blissfully enjoying her cup of hot choco

The lights and festive atmosphere at Session road and Camp John Hay would bring smile to everyone’s faces. This year there is a huge 40 ft Christmas tree made from recycled materials  atop the popular road that was lit on the first of this month.

Image source


Here is a link of the fireworks display that I  just saw on Youtube during the lighting ceremony.

Amazing right?! Wish I were there!

If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, there are a lot of shops to choose from. If you’re in a thrifty mood, you,’d probably find a good bargain on the second floor of the  Hangar public market. It has a wide range of woven,knitted and crocheted items at affordable prices.It’s probably one of Baguio’s best kept secrets.( Subscribe to my blog to know more about the ins and outs of this city ) I used to buy scarves and bonnets in bulk for friends and family abroad.For my readers who are into crochet, they also have reasonably priced acrylic yarns for sale by the kilo.

Image source
Speaking of the public market, did you know that can also buy a wide array of delicious native cakes and coffee beans there? For the delicacies you probably need to order in advance though because they sell like hotcakes this time of year. The aroma of the coffee, and the beans, of course, on the other hand, is available all year round.

Image source

Now, if you are up for UK,  head to Harrison road at 9 pm for the night market and be prepared to second hand shop till the wee hours! Just be sure to keep your valuables close to you because the person at your back might also be shopping (for free), if you get my drift! Furthermore, remember that most things look good in yellow light so if in doubt of color or condition, don’t buy!

Image source
Indeed, this city can be  considered a melting pot of sorts, bringing the cool weather of temperate countries with the warmth of Filipino hospitality and tradition. The tourists and locals alike interact and enjoy the Christmas activities. This is why in recent years a lot of people have chosen to celebrate the holidays here.
I miss the city, but mostly, I miss the people who were in the city with me some time ago. I miss my family who I have hot choco or coffee with.I miss the camaraderie of my dear friends whom I’ve met in this city and have explored its sights and sounds with.Most of them are abroad and I’m thinking of all of you right now.I hope our Christmas and new year would be as bright as the fireworks!
It might be awhile til I spend the holidays in this city again but sharing these things with you makes me feel closer to my loved ones and my second home.
How bout you? Do you ever feel a bit down during the holidays? Do you miss something or someone right now? 

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  1. My last visit to Baguio was back in 2008. Been wanting to go back and take our kids. There's really something special about the place. It's one of those places I've always wanted to relocate to.

  2. The last time I was in Baguio was a few years ago… we actually experienced traffic there lol.

  3. I remember buying hazelnut coffee on that store during our Benguet hiking. After our climb, we had a day to stay in Baguio and bought some pasalubong! Ahhh I miss my trekking life heheh.

  4. we haven't been there yet. I hope we could go there with the whole fam.

  5. It mist be very cold there right now. I actually miss the old Baguio ~ more tranquil, free from traffic and pollution.

  6. Awww i miss baguio too. Hindi pa nakarating my daughter dyan. I wish to go there soon with my whole fam.

  7. My friends are going to Baguio this Christmas and I hate my schedule. I hope I can come with them. It's been forever since I went to Baguio.

  8. I haven't been to Baguio ever. But I feel you when you said you feel a bit down during holidays like this when you cant be in Baguio.

    Great photos, I must say.

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