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Baguio Food Scene: Sizzling & Melting Steaks

Last “APEC week”, my family grabbed the chance to go up to Baguio, thinking that it’ll be a lot less hectic than Manila.Boy oh boy, were we so wrong! The traffic was insane and a lot of the restaurants were packed.In fact, there was an instance when we spent about an hour looking for a good place to eat just in and around Burnham Park.So, instead of eating at an authentic Japanese restaurant, we had to make do with a pizza place. Don’t get me wrong, pizza is good, but sometimes, the heart wants what the heart wants ( or should I say tummy?) Anyway, this post isn’t about our failed attempts to squeeze into crowded resaturants, it’s about sharing the good food in Baguio, steaks in particular. I’ll be sharing a classic fave and a fairly new serious contender.
First, we visited a familiar lunch hour place, Sizzling Plate. It has quite a few branches in the city and we chose the one near Burnham park to avoid the dreaded city traffic. The place isn’t crowded  to boot. I ordered their sizzling porkchop because it has some fatty goodness perfect for the cold weather ( I know, I’m just  trying to excuse my not so healthy food choice). Well, my calorie counter went on a 3 day vacay too while I was in Baguio.

At a little more than P100, it is quite affordable. Every order also comes with a bowl of mushroom soup. The meat was tender and well cooked.  The portion is also just right for me. The mushroom soup was quite thin and light but enough to warm my tummy. 

The next day, after doing some needed errands, we went to Camp John Hay to see what was new.It’s been years since we were there and a lot has changed.It has become the trendy spot for locals and tourists alike. At Ayala Technohub, we chanced upon a steak house called Melt. The place wasn’t huge but it was quite interesting. The interior felt like a warm modern cabin with wooden pieces and wine bottles as decor.

Now let’s talk about the food.  Their menu had a variety of  appetizers, salads, pasta and steaks.My sister in law and I ordered angus roast beef belly while my husband wanted to eat US hanging tender in smoked apple marinade with mashed potato and steamed vegetables as sides. The staff informed us that they couldn’t assure us of the waiting time since the place was quite full. It was probably almost 2 pm but we said it was ok.We ordered cucumber lemonade as drinks.
About 20 minutes after, my husband’s meal  arrived first on a wooden chopping board. This suddenly reminded me of Jamie Oliver’s rustic 30 minute meals.

The meat was seared to juicy goodness.It looked so tempting I just had to have a taste ( luckily, he didn’t mind). I think it lived up to the restaurant’s tagline: premium meats melt in your mouth. The savory flavor was also spot on with a hint of sweetness. And the mashed potato was so good I just had to order one for me too when my rice wasn’t enough.It had a creamy smooth texture and the bits of roasted garlic added another layer to its flavor.
Our well awaited roast beef came after a few minutes. It really looked mouth watering with gravy and sauteed veggies.The moment the meat hit my tongue I knew this was going to be an “enjoy-every-bite” kind of lunch.The meat was so tender it would slide off with just the slightest teasing from my fork. The fried rice complemented the meat perfectly as it was savory but not salty. I actually wanted a second helping but the staff said they had just run out. Luckily, the garlic mashed potato saved the day.

The cucumber lemonade was a great choice for our meals.Its fresh and light sweet taste cut through the heavy flavors and made me feel less guilty. Overall, the experience was great. The dishes are quite  pricey but your tummy will definitely leave happy.
Even though I wasn’t able to go to some food spots I had wanted to visit like Ketchup and Chaya,  I consider myself lucky to have quality time with my family over  great food. Hope you visit these places when you go up north this coming long weekend.These are definitely worth waiting for,even outside in Baguio’s chilly weather.While waiting, just remember, you might need a bit of grease to warm you up (wink wink).


  1. I missed baguio! Its been 6 years since i last visited… I hope i can travel back again to this cool place… And i think i wanna try those meaty enterprise, they looked so interesting!

  2. You had me drooling when you started talking about the food at Melt. Haha! Will keep this in mind for our next trip to Baguio.

  3. We are planning to go to Baguio this Christmas season but we are having a second thought kasi almost all the hotels are fully booked na. ahaha..Hopefully next year, matuloy na kami and we will definitely try this resto. 🙂

  4. We haven't brought our son to Baguio. We hope to save up for some vacation funds next year. We'll visit some of the places you shared once we're there and crave for some steaks. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Touring Baguio has always been a gastronomical experience for my family too. So many good places to eat.

  6. The lemonade intrigues me 🙂 I wonder how it tastes like..:)

  7. We've been to Baguio a couple of times already but haven't been here yet. Gotta check it out. ^_^ ~Pearliza Paguio

  8. Looks yummy! Will look it up when we go to Baguio.

  9. Will include this in our must-try list in Baguio. The food looks relish!

  10. giL

    The food looks really good. Now I'm craving for them. =)

  11. The cucumber lemonade reads interesting. Should hit up Baguio soon when I am in the Philippines! 🙂

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