Human Heart Nature ‘s Christmas 2015 Magalogue Turnover

In a previous post, I mentioned that I became a Human Heart Nature dealer early this year.Last Saturday, November 7, I attended its Christmas Magalogue Turnover (MTO) for the first time as a dealer. I signed up at the Commonwealth Head office so I intended to attend their 11 am slot.To be honest though, I arrived a bit late due to heavy traffic and wasn’t sure what to expect in the said event. My  husband and daughter tagged along  ‘coz we also had a bit of HHN shopping to do.

When I arrived, I smiled at the lovely festive display showcasing some of human nature’s products. Their red and gold theme made for a warm yet elegant ambiance for the store.


I then saw quite a number of people, mostly women, intently listening to what seemed to be a product launch. I thought to myself, ” So this is what an MTO looks like”. They were introducing quite a few interesting and timely  products for the gift giving season. As each product was presented, a sample was passed among the attendees to look at closely. I thought it would have been better for the attendees to have packet size samples for personal use so that they could share their experience with their prospective buyers without having to spend  more money on a regular sized one.This is especially true for budget conscious moms like me. Despite that small detail, I enjoyed their energetic presentation.I could see the passion and enthusiasm for the company’s advocacy. Their zest was so infectious that I could sense that some was dabbed on me in the hour long event. This nonchalant Human Heart Nature (HHN) dealer is slowly imbibing the company spirit.

Now, let me talk about some of our new releases. 

First, the natural body wash  now has two new scents: Sweet Orange and Gentle Berry. Their body wash has glycerin and aloe vera which effectively washes away dirt and leaves the skin moisturized after every shower. I think this will be a great gift addition for our loved ones who like light fruity scents. It is also noteworthy to mention that a portion of the Gentle Berry proceeds will benefit the Philippine Foundation for Breast Cancer (Kasuso Foundation) which helps poverty stricken women with their cancer treatment. These two will definitely be in my Christmas shopping list!

Next, we have a deodorizing foot spray. This foot spray is triclosan- free and is available in a handy 100 ml bottle. Triclosan, a common antifungal ingredient in foot powder,  has recently been linked to the development of antibiotic-resistant germs and alterations in hormone regulation. This foot spray, instead, contains purifying actives and sugarcane alcohol to keep your feet smelling fresh.. Furthermore, its cooling peppermint and aloe vera will definitely pamper your tired feet after a day of holiday shopping.

Third, our kids sanitizer is now available in frutti popstar scent. This sanitizer comes in a pretty pink spray bottle which will surely appeal to moms and their little daughters. The all natural germ- killing  action of this product comes from sugar-cane derived ethyl alcohol. Its aloe vera content meanwhile helps cleanse and moisturize the skin. This would be good for your young “inaanaks” ( godchildren) who love to play around in the dirt.

Lastly, we have Kayumanggi Organics wild ginger tea. This antioxidant tea will help warm you up as the weather cools this season. The attendees also got the first taste of this healthy drink. I like its light spicy sweet taste and aroma. My husband actually bought one for my mother in law who enjoys herbal teas once in a while.

As Christmas is fast approaching,the  holiday edition of the magalogue also features two noteworthy concepts on gift giving.First is  our beautifully crafted gift bundles.These gift sets have been thoughtfully put together for the signicant people in our lives : from our friends to our neighbors. For less than P200 pesos you can already tick boxes off our Christmas list.You can also opt to buy the boxes separately at very affordable prices.

Second, we have the Buy 1 Give 1 project  in cooperation with Gawad Kalinga.When you buy  certain  social enterprise products such as Bayani Brew and Pili & Pino , among others, a hungry child receives a free meal.  I think it’s a wonderful idea to promote, plus of course, it’s another great reason to keep patronizing these high quality local goods.

After the event, the attendees were treated to a snack and given coupons to avail of the flash Christmas sale. Certain products were discounted on top  of the dealer discount. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that the tinted lip balms, which is a fave of mine, were also part of this one day only sale.

Before leaving, my daughter and I got a photoop with some of the people behind Human Nature’s continuing success. As sentimental as it may seem, in those fifty seconds of fame, I became truly proud to be part of this pro-poor, pro-environment and pro-Philippines company.

From L-R : Mommy Madz & Little Y, Giki Oliveros (New Product Development Category Associate), Wanna Cancio (Social Enterprise Category Manager), and Angie Tan (New Products Development Category Manager)

So, still dunno what to buy for your monita/monito? Want to share your blessings to someone in need? Let Human Heart Nature help you! Visit any of the HHN stores near you now! Let’s make this Christmas the most wonderful time of the year not only for our loved ones but our community as well.

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  1. I'm really planning to use Human Nature in the future. Great post there.

  2. i've been reading great reviews about Human Nature products but I still yet have to try one of their items, hopefully soon. =)

  3. I love HHN! I buy a lot of their items for my kids.

  4. Mommy Charm says:

    I am a HHN fan too! I wonder, can I purchase from their Commonwealth store even if I am not a dealer? I used to order online lang kase so I have no idea really. TIA!

  5. It's really great to see a homegrown brand make it big. This just means they get to help more people too. I admire HHN's advocacies and will continue to support them in my own little way.

  6. mommymadz says:

    Thank you 🙂 yes please do. We have a wide variety of products from personal care to household items.

  7. mommymadz says:

    Yes the products have been tested ns also support community products. I hope you try them soon 🙂

  8. mommymadz says:

    Yeah us too. We have even switched our laundry detergent to HHN's Tough Love. 🙂

  9. mommymadz says:

    Yes you definitely can! Their store hours are Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6pm 🙂

  10. mommymadz says:

    Yes it's a win win situation! I hope it continues to grow and its products be recognized abroad as well.thank you for the support 🙂

  11. mommymadz says:

    Thank you everyone for taking time in your busy lives to read my blog post 🙂

  12. Where is the exact location here in Commonwealth? Pwede ba mag purchase direct to their branch? Thank you.

  13. Team Poreber says:

    I love human nature products. I'm currently using some of their lotions as well as the mosquito repellent. ~Pearliza Paguio

  14. mommymadz says:

    Hi yup pwedeng pwede.In fact the price is quite less than mall price. When coming from Quezon memorial circle , you'll pass Tandang Sora flyover.It's on the right side in a three storey building and there's an overpass right before this building.

  15. Balot says:

    I love Human Nature products too -> its our way of taking good of the environment by using less toxic chemicals as well as help the GK community 🙂

  16. nanaystrip says:

    Nice post! We still use the HHN Body Wash and Shampoo for kids. Loyal customers! I'd like to try the wild ginger tea. Is it available in groceries too? Thanks for sharing HHN's new products.

  17. mommymadz says:

    I don't know if they're already available in groceries but I'll inquire and let you know 🙂 I usually see some of the personal care products in malls..

  18. mommymadz says:

    It's available online, through dealers and HHN branches 🙂

  19. Tetcha says:

    Good luck on this new endeavor, sis! I'm also interested in becoming a dealer, so wish me luck, too. — Maria Teresa Figuerres

  20. I love HHN, been using them in years now.

  21. mommymadz says:

    Yes it's very easy to register.You just need an ID.Good luck we can do it!:)

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