My Baby’s Giggles

I think my daughter has a favorite toy and it’s like no other.  Maybe it’s the colors or the sounds that draw her attention. It’s made of plastic, rectangular in shape and quite useful. Can you guess what it is?

Baby wipes! Yes, my 4 month old daughter likes baby wipes.Well, not the actual wipes but the container. I discovered it a few weeks ago while changing her diapers. I had wanted to help her turn her neck to the left so I grabbed it, squeezed it to grab her attention and placed it on her left side. To my surprise,  she gradually turned to that side.

This toy has become part of tummy times and diaper changes. It has also been useful in calming her down. When she’s fussy I would lay her down on the changing table and wave it at her. Almost instantly it catches her eye and  she stops crying.

Interestingly, this toy also helped her make three of her firsts.A few weeks ago, this plastic container was the first thing she excitedly reached for during her tummy time.

And just several days ago, we used it to encourage her to rollover.Amazingly, it worked!

I don’t know exactly why she prefers this toy over others but I’m  just happy she has giggles 😉

P.S. Giggles is not recommended as a toy. The author did not receive any compensation for mentioning it in this post.

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  1. Interesting baby. I'm glad you found a way to distract her as well to encourage her in reaching her milestone.

  2. May Palacpac says:

    It's natural for babies to want to play with everything else but their toys, haha!

  3. you made me miss the days when my kids would laugh about anything 🙂

  4. Jane Timbol says:

    Priceless moment!

  5. We are using Giggles too! Actually even before I got pregnant yun na ang gamit ko. Same as you I give it to my baby when he's fussy hehe effective naman!

  6. At least all it takes to calm her down is a baby wipe! 🙂

  7. My baby girl like to pull the baby wipes haha. But trues how children can be amused with anything, my kids are now toddlers and sometimes they would play with the toy box instead of the actual toys 🙂 I guess it's their imagination running wild! 🙂

  8. We use giggles! My toddler used to play with it too, inaalis lahat ng wipes haha!

  9. jared's mum says:

    it is ironic that we spend $$$ on expensive toys when simple stuff readily found at home can equate to hours of fun + giggles. Of late, my little one is playing with empty shampoo + lotion containers, turning them into inexpensive water guns, just perfect during bathtime! 🙂

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